I’m so glad you came to check us out. My prayer is that throughout the site, you will find much to encourage, help, bless and challenge you to embrace the calling of mother. Whether you’re looking for something to feed your soul, feed your mind or feed your kids, we’ve got it here.

I am a pastor’s wife and full-time, stay-at-home homeschooling mom of four awesome kids, including one little girl with Down Syndrome from China.

This site is a work in progress. I love to learn and share my discoveries and thoughts on my blog. Each month, I blog on topics that I believe are pertinent to moms. I am also learning to grow as a speaker and writer, but my favorite avenue of ministry is simply sitting down with a friend and sharing heart to heart. I encourage you to “roam the halls” of Mom University with a cup of your favorite beverage. I pray you will be blessed and encouraged in the work that you do at home.

Dearest friend, you are priceless. The work you do is of inestimable value. And most importantly, you are not alone. In these hallowed halls are many other like-minded mothers who also want to leave a lasting legacy of faith to their children. I trust you’ll find much to help you become the very best mom God desires you to be.  

Vera Christian



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