Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 6, Sabbath, Personal Journal

Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 6, Sabbath, Personal Journal

The topic of work-life balance has gotten a lot of airtime lately, and no wonder.

In our first-world culture, we have opportunities at every bend, constant entertainment at our fingertips, and instant connectivity with our loved ones.

Maybe you’ve got this thing figured out, but I sure don’t.

Over the past seven years since we have adopted Anah, life has become even more chaotic. Many times I collapse into bed, unable to stay up past 9:00.

I’m really tired.

That’s why this chapter has been so important to me.

My tendency is to keep working until I have nothing to do.

Of course, that never happens. There’s always something. With a dependent child, it is like I am living the details of two lives, constantly on high alert.

So one thing I have realized—the busier I am, the more I need the Sabbath.

I do not need to work harder, plan better, delegate more.

I need to rest.

Not just annually on vacation, but on a regular basis—daily, weekly, and monthly.

Instead of being a guilty pleasure, rest becomes the framework of my rhythm for a sustainable life.

Yes, God gives us work to do.

But in His love, He also gives us rest as a gift.

The hard part is not acknowledging that it is a gift. I get that. The hard part is appropriating the gift—embracing it, taking it in, living it out.


I thought about taking a Sabbath for about three years, but never took one. I thought of it as a luxury I can take if I get things done.

You know how that thinking goes.

Finally, I realized that I needed to structure my work week so that it made the Sabbath possible, not tack it on as an afterthought.

Interestingly, this revolutionized everything.

Not only do I procrastinate less—because I don’t want those things hanging over my head on the Sabbath—I find myself anticipating that day more.

It is slowly becoming a true pleasure.

Not merely a day to not work, but a day filled with good, soul-filling things.

  • Extra time to spend with God and with people I love. Sometimes even meaningful service.

  • A chance to grow in trust and faith as I let go of responsibilities for a day.

  • Opportunity to look at life from a different angle—and appreciate the goodness of God.

Hebrews 4:11 exhorts us to “strive to enter that rest.” Isn’t than an interesting way of putting it?

Practically speaking, this means working hard on the six days so that this day really gets to shine.

And then accepting that gift.

I have not regretted it. I just wish I started sooner.

It is a process. We have to shift more than just our schedule. We often have to shift our thinking.

But it is worth it.

And I hope you’ll accept God’s gift.

Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 6, Sabbath, Quote 3

Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 6, Sabbath, Quote 3