Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 7, Offspring, Reading Discussion

Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 7, Offspring, Reading Discussion

Why do bad things happen to faithful followers of God?

Sometimes suffering comes through the thorns of the wilderness and the struggle of discontentment.

Sometimes we feel the pain of poor choices, discovering in dismay that what we thought was life really was an exchange for death.  

But sometimes we suffer because we, like Job, are targeted for attack by an enemy.

When we go back to the beginning of the Bible, we find that the Eden that God created was pristine, but it was clearly not impervious to evil.

Somehow Satan entered into something good, and he succeeds in tempting the first couple. The results are disastrous: the battle lines are drawn.

But in the midst of the curse, there is a promise, that one day, a descendant of the woman will crush the head of the Serpent. Instead of becoming allies, they will live in enmity.

From that point on, all generations up to Christ lived, wondering when this Promised One will come.

And all the while, the Serpent unleashed his venom on the nation of Israel, hoping to blot out this individual. The Jews were enslaved, bullied, and targeted for annihilation.

Finally, the time came for the real showdown to begin. Satan watched as the angels announced the coming of this long-awaited Savior. Now he knew where to devote his energies, deploying his minions to attack.

He hunted him down, tempted him directly, and entered the heart of Judas, one of Jesus’ own.

Unless we knew this confrontation was coming, it could almost seem like Jesus was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He bruised his heel on the cross in what seemed like the ultimate victory.

But that is only half of Genesis 3:15.

While the spiritual forces of evil rejoiced when Jesus rested from His labors, they got the surprise of their life. As with Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, there was a Deeper Magic at work, one more powerful than death.

Jesus levels the ultimate blow by defeating death. He crushes the Serpent’s head. With this victory at His first advent, Satan’s power over humanity is weakened.

It is not yet completely destroyed, however. That will happen at His second coming.

This time, the offspring of the woman will enter into an eternity where evil cannot enter.

This should encourage us—but it should also awaken us. We’re not there yet.

We should be on the alert for the enemy, who in his death throes, still attempts to bring us down with him, praying for protection.

But most of all, it gives us hope and courage. For no matter what Satan slings at us, he will never destroy me. Even if he should kill my physical body, he cannot touch my spirit.

Those who look to the tree will not just see a bruised Savior but a crushed serpent. And because He was bruised, we are protected for all eternity.

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Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 7, Offspring, Quote 1

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