Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 3, Image, Reading Discussion

Even Better Than Eden: Ch. 3, Image, Reading Discussion

Who are you?

If we’re honest, most of us (or someone you know) have probably wrestled with this question at some point in our lives, often as situations and roles change.

What does God’s Story have to do with our identity formation?

A lot.

Because we don’t like being a nobody and want to be somebody, we will grasp at whatever suitable substitutes. For some of us this is our wilderness. It is the place where God tests and Satan tempts.

Several key things to remember:

1. We are personally created by God to be as like Him as possible: morally and rationally. As His children, we are royalty—children of the King—and we are priests—representatives of the King.

In ancient days, it is said that conquering kings will leave an image of themselves in the conquered nation to remind them who their sovereign is. As children of the King, we are the images left here on earth to represent Him. If you wonder if you have any value, this alone should challenge you to look at yourself differently.

2. Because Adam failed to represent the King and instead listened to our enemy, our image is skewed to match that of our new master.

Instead of taking dominion, Adam cedes this authority to another. This new master is one who enslaves—and the imagery of slavery is introduced. Instead of gaining, we lose—a very poor exchange indeed.

3. The Second Adam came both to live out what true humanity is intended to be and make it possible for fallen humanity to do likewise.

In life, Jesus—the Source of our image—humbly takes on our brokenness and exercised dominion over it in a way the first Adam didn’t. He shows us what true humanity is and how we are meant to live.

In death, He makes it possible for us to be born again with a new nature, one that is alive to God and likewise capable of navigating through a broken world as He did.

Jesus makes a new exchange (2 Cor. 5:21) that makes it possible to victoriously live out God’s image as He intended, even in a sinful world. This is the power of the Gospel.

4. This work has begun right now. We can choose the way of life through Christ and in Him, become the somebody that we long to be as we submit to Him.

We are not trapped by past failures. We have been forgiven and set free to move forward. Will you choose the solid way of life He offers or continue to cling to the other shaky and unsatisfying means to find our worth?

If this is your wilderness, where you feel empty, be encouraged. This is the very place He starts.

Choose life in the unshakeable foundation of Christ.

What are your thoughts on this chapter on image?


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