Even Better Than Eden: Reading Schedule

Even Better Than Eden: Reading Schedule

(This photo was taken on our trip to  St. Chapelle  cathedral in Paris last spring.)

(This photo was taken on our trip to St. Chapelle cathedral in Paris last spring.)

Welcome to our study in Even Better Than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible’s Story Changes Everything About Your Story by Nancy Guthrie.

We will be working through this book over the next ten weeks, starting June 30-Sept. 1, 2019. Each week, read the assigned chapter by the discussion date listed below.

For those who would like some reading accountability, simple reflective questions or an opportunity to interact with others on the readings each week, each chapter will be broken down into three readings and quotes. If you are so inclined, I hope this will provide another interactive forum for you to throw out thoughts, ideas, and reflections with others as you process through the book. After the group discusses the book, I will post some of my own reflections and suggestions. I will try to update this page with the most current links so you can find it all in one place.

I love to read and learn and expand my understanding of myself, God, and the world I share with others. As a disciple of Christ, I believe this practice helps us to live out our faith more tangibly and practically. Learning to see my life as a story set with God’s greater Story has been one of those turning points for me. It has made the Bible stories I know and love come alive with a new perspective. Not only do I see life’s challenges differently, I see my time here on earth differently.

May this study likewise expand your mind, increase your love for God and the good news of Christ, and prepare you for a life of fruitfulness even as you wait for a future even better than Eden.

Discussion Date/Chapter:

July 7, 2019: Chapter 1, Wilderness

July 14, 2019: Chapter 2, Tree

July 21, 2019: Chapter 3, Image

July 28, 2019: Chapter 4, Clothing

August 4, 2019: Chapter 5, Bridegroom

August 11, 2019: Chapter 6, Sabbath

August 18, 2019: Chapter 7, Offspring

August 25, 2019: Chapter 8: Dwelling Place

Sept. 1, 2019: Chapter 9: City

The Story That Will Change Your Life

The Story That Will Change Your Life