Just For Fun Friday: Gospel-Centered Worship

As we discussed yesterday, the Gospel is the key and foundation to our discipleship. I found this wonderful series of Gospel-centered worship songs from The Gathering from Sovereign Grace Music. The playlist: 1. There Is One Reason [Transition] 2. Greater Than We Can Imagine 3. Come Praise and Glorify [Transition] 4. Shine Into Our Night 5. Have Mercy on Me [Transition] 6. Now Why This Fear 7. Isaiah 53 [Transition] 8. Generous King 9. When You Move [Transition] 10. Your Words of Life 11. Show Us Christ [Transition] 12. All I Have Is Christ 13. We Hunger and Thirst [Transition] 14. Lift High the Cross [Transition] 15. As You Go

Each of the 15 songs "progressively tell the story of the gospel and our appropriate response to it." Check out this link on You Tube and it will take you to the first song of the set. Let it soak into your heart. This is my favorite of the series:

[jwplayer mediaid="3601"]

PS Another one of Sovereign Grace's songs, The Gospel Song, is a very simple chorus that even our preschooler can sing. I encourage you to find it and learn it with your kids. It is a concise and precise definition of the Gospel; set to music, it makes it easy to remember too.