Treasure Hunt

This past weekend, my husband and I had a wonderful opportunity to serve together. It has been many years since we've jointly planned and carried out any type of ministry, so it was a very special time for us. Now, after the excitement of the mountaintop, we are back home again. Back to the mounds of dirty laundry. Back to the cooking. Back to schoolwork with the kids.

I confess that I like doing "big" things. I enjoy the challenge that comes with it. This weekend, it was figuring out how to cook for a crowd, coordinating with my husband on the schedule, and praying throughout the weekend for the participants. I felt like a part of me that has been dormant for awhile has come alive.

Up on the mountain it was easy to see so many things to be thankful for. Not only did I see the Lord work in the hearts of men and women, refreshing their hearts and renewing marriages, I also was able to see God making a dream for my husband and me start to come true. It gave us hope and excitement for the future.

So when I come back home, "just" being a homemaker and mom, it took a little bit of adjusting. I know in my head that my work at home is very important. After all, I write and speak about that too! But it isn't always easy to be thankful for the ordinary especially after an extraordinary weekend.

And yet, it is precisely in these ordinary times that I must learn to be thankful. Last week, I came across this specimen in a local university library. On the outside, it just looked like an ordinary rock. If all I saw was this side, I would probably have just walked right by it.

But inside the rock was beautiful gemstone. I'm not sure what it is, or how valuable it is, but it sure was spectacular! It was hidden away in the interior of the rock.

How often I search for joy and satisfaction in the great things of life when all around me are treasures hidden in the ordinary. The feel of Jonathan's soft skin as I rub him down with lotion after a bath. Laughing till we cry. A home-cooked meal. Piles of fresh clothes, neatly folded by my daughter. Hearing squeals of delight and joy from my children as they play together. Opening the refrigerator and finding it full of good things. The quiet companionship of my husband as we go throughout the day.

Every one of those things are treasures hidden in an ordinary day. Like a child hunting for hidden treasure, God fills our days with many beautiful gifts. The question is: Do we see them? Or are we only looking for the big blessings that we fail to see the many little ones that God showers on us constantly?

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."--James 1:17