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Company Information: See the Light, created by Dave and Pat Holt as a ministry, is a Christian arts company of artists and musicians who are dedicated to using their gifts and talents to help children grow in their creative expression. Using Scripture as their base, they seek to equip children with knowledge, skills and experience in the arts.

Art instruction is available as a two-year series, taught by master artist Pat Knepley. The first year covers art fundamentals such as shape and space, value and color, and color blending. The product we reviewed was part of the Year 2 Art Projects series for children ages 10 and up. There are also five DVDs that feature Bible stories and an art project. If you're interested, free lessons are available on the website. Their blog is also full of informative posts and thoughts.

ap_complete_5_zps25b130eaProduct Reviewed: Poppy Collage, the fifth in the Art Projects series. This DVD consists of four lessons, totaling about 1-1/2 hours of viewing time. At the beginning of the DVD, there is an overview for parents, so you can see firsthand what supplies you will need for the project. Each of the lessons for the children include some art history (in this case, we learned about Georgia O'Keefe), art techniques and a connection to Scripture. It is intended that your child view the lesson, then do that step, then continuing with the next lesson, and so on until the project is complete. 

Price: $14.99

Age Range: 10 and up

Parental Preparation: I watched the beginning of the DVD, which was very brief. Although the list was included on the product page, I noticed it did not include the brush we needed for the project. I am glad that I watched this as well as looking at the materials list before heading out to our local art store!

Even though this is not necessary, I went ahead and previewed the whole DVD (with my daughter, who this review was intended for). For both of us, it helped us to get a better understanding of what the project was.

We then went to our craft store to pick up the supplies---and we knew what we were looking for. Most of the list uses household supplies, but I am glad that I watched the video. We chose a thicker Bristol board over the poster board, knowing that with the glue wash, the paper would buckle.

Janna did the rest of the preparation on her own, as she was old enough to do so. She cut the tissue paper into squares, measured and cut her Bristol board to size, and also selected a flower that she wanted to use as her model.

art1How We Used It: We spent one day viewing the entire video, then after purchasing and prepping our supplies, Janna set to work! She spent about two afternoons on the weekend working on the project. Little brother wanted to join her, so we gave him the scraps of board and some tissue paper to experiment with too.

What We Liked:

  • We enjoyed learning about the life of Georgia O'Keefe. Though Janna had heard of her before, it was good to see a complete overview of her life over the four lessons. Each lesson focused on a different season of her life and showed examples from that period of time. 
  • The lessons were short and sweet. No intensive lectures!
  • Art terminology was included in each lesson.
  • Each step was clearly modeled and explained in the video.
  • I liked the way it is set up so that the kids are given just enough to focus on and complete before moving on to the next step.
  • Even though the artists themselves may not be Christians, there is a desire to honor the Lord in the midst of creating. I appreciate this link. I appreciated the biblical truth woven into the lesson.
  • This particular project was very enjoyable for my daughter, who loves playing with color. We were so pleased to see how such a simple technique could result in such a beautiful product at the end. The lesson on shading really made a huge difference!
  • My little one did not make a completed collage, but this was a fun way for him to play around with his sister!

Overall Summary:

jannas flower

I really cannot think of anything that we didn't like. From start to finish, it was a very enjoyable experience. The materials are easy to find, the teaching is excellent, the process was satisfying, and the finished project was beautiful. If teaching art is not your strength, or if you would like to play around with your children, I'd encourage you to check See the Light out! Even if poppies aren't your thing, take a look at the other projects available. Your younger kids can start with the cartooning class or one of the Bible art projects. Although I personally did not review these videos, you can read what other reviewers thought by clicking the button below the disclaimer.

With summer coming up, this is a great time to enjoy some art at home!

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