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I have found it so much easier to teach the Bible to my kids than it is to disciple them in character. Is that true for you too? Learning Bible stories is great brain work for our kids, but what about heart cultivation? It is so easy to fool ourselves into thinking that our kids are doing okay when they have a daily quiet time or can quickly find Bible passages or give the details of a Bible story. Although those things are great, deep down, I desire to see more in them. Do you? doorpostlogo_zpsa7a5d5e4Company Information: The ministry of Doorposts is based on Deuteronomy 6:9, which tells us to write God’s law on our doorposts as a reminder as we go about our days. Likewise, Doorposts is all about helping parents disciple their children through their Bible study and character development products. 

BeautyCover_zpsd1ccc789Product Reviewed: Beauty in the Heart, 137 pages. This study is subtitled "A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women," though young men may also benefit from understanding godly beauty. The 10 chapters in the book look at the different faces of beauty: in submission, in humility, in modesty, in service, and so on. Each chapter focuses on a different type of Bible study so that your girls (or guys) are also learning Bible study skills. Note: If you have used the previous study Beauty and the Pig, there is some overlap.

(And for those of you moms with sons, there is a section at the end of the book with alternate questions just for them, or you may wish to check out Mrs. Forster's book for young men, Because You Are Strong.)

The study was written using the King James Version of the Bible, though any version can be used. In one study, you are asked to have several versions to compare. You will also need some additional Bible study tools, such as colored pencils and either online or print versions of a standard dictionary, Bible dictionary, Bible commentary, Bible atlas or maps.

Price: $14.00 for ebook. Print book is on pre-order and will start shipping Aug. 29. Until Aug 31, if you order the print book and enter the coupon code "beautystudy", you can also receive the PDF version at no charge. This is great if you have several daughters that will be using the study!

Age Range: ages 10-12 and up...including moms!

Parental Preparation: very little, if any. My 16-year-old daughter was old enough to print her own pages out, so I really didn't have to do anything.

If you do not wish to mark in your Bible, you may need to prepare printouts of the text so you can mark it.

How We Used It:

As my daughter was old enough to do this on her own, I pretty much let Janna do the work on this one and checked in periodically through the study. She used this as part of her personal quiet time on a daily basis.

What We Liked:

  • The variety of different types of study kept the study interesting.
  • Each study thoroughly goes through an appropriate passage or study a biblical character. It is solidly based on the Word of God, not the opinions of man.
  • Sidebar information includes additional information, suggestions for further study, links and study tips.
  • Charts help to organize information in the study.
  • The daily study assignments are easily completed in less than 30 minutes, which makes it very doable for a busy girl!
  • Even though it is recommended for 10 and up, it was not too easy for a high schooler. She found it just the right depth---not too young but not too intense.
  • Short paragraphs of explanation interspersed with the questions help give richness and understanding.
  • Boys are not excluded from this study; there are alternate questions for them to answer.
  • The PDF format is very economical, especially since you can reuse this with multiple students in your family! (Mom’s perk!)
  • I was impressed with the study skills that are introduced…many of which I did not learn until I was much older! I hope that these skills that are covered in this study will be ones she can use in the future as she pursues her own study. Janna particularly enjoyed the highlighting technique in the Esther study helped yield new insights.

What We Didn't Like:

Nothing! Janna enjoyed the study and plans to continue with it!

If you’re not big on printing, then you may wish to opt for the print version.

Overall Summary:

As a high schooler, this has been an excellent study for Janna to use in her personal Bible study. If your daughter is on the younger end, I would recommend that you do it together, which makes it a great mother-daughter discussion. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on external appearances, this study is a wonderful way to train your daughters to value and spend just as much time developing the internal character of the heart.

As moms, this study is a great way to open the door to discuss some of these heart issues with our girls so that they can begin internalizing the truths of God’s Word and learning to value what He values. As the author writes in her introduction, most women, regardless of age, want to be beautiful. And there is nothing wrong with that! That is, I believe, a God-given trait. But to rightly appreciate and use our beauty is something that needs to be cultivated. This study can help you and your daughters to do the hard work of cultivating that kind of heart.

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