TOS Crew: Starting the New Season with Last Year's Top 10

PhotobucketLast summer, I was offered the opportunity to review homeschool curricula for The Old Schoolhouse magazine. It has been a wonderful wonderful that I applied to do it again! Thankfully, I was given another opportunity to research, try out and experiment with more new wonderful products. I have several companies the kids and I are working through right now, with these new reviews coming out in this month. Through this experience, we have been introduced to many wonderful new companies we would never have heard about and studied different things that we would never otherwise have explored. My hope is that these reviews will do the same for you. But before I dig into the new reviews, I thought it would be fun to look back at the reviews I did last year and make a few final comments. If you find a product that you like, just click on the name of the product to take you to the more detailed review. If you'd just like to see all the review posts, just click on the "TOS Crew Reviews" tab at the top and you should find them all.

If I had to choose the top ten out of the 24 reviews I did, I would have to pick (in no particular order):

Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson (Apologia Press, excellent for pre-teen and teen girls). My daughter and I both read through the book and would like to use it for a study for some of her peers in the future before she graduates.

Recon Curriculum (a spiritual "boot camp" for high school juniors and seniors, preparing them for their walk and witness in the "real world"). Janna and I are still using this twice a week and are over halfway through. We are looking forward to getting into the ministry section!

Kinderbach (preschool music curriculum). Jonathan has faithfully been working through these videos. We are on Level 6 and will be going back to practice all the songs.

Schoolhouse (general homeschooling ideas for all ages). This is just an awesome site. It is such a wealth of information and help. The only danger is wanting to do everything that is offered!

Following Directions (CD-ROM program from Super Duper). Jonathan is still working through this one. We took it with us to China, where it served to keep him busy in the hotel!

Who is My Neighbor? (Apologia Worldview series for grade schoolers). Even though we were sent Volume 3, I went back and purchased Volume 1 to use with Matthew, after getting a taste of this book. And I have not been disappointed with that volume either.

Mastering Essential Math Skills (math for elementary age). After using this, I switched Matthew to this program from the one we were currently using. I have found it very straight-forward to use, no-frills, and just enough practice every day.

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers by Douglas Bond (learning about hymns, for all ages). We are almost done with this book. I have plans to go back and study these hymns with the kids.

Create Better Writers I have purchased the other e-books that are part of this program to help flesh out another one we are using for Matthew.

Family Time Fitness (PE for homeschoolers). Matthew has still been working through this program for PE every day. It has been a great way for him to get the wiggles out and get some exercise at the same time.

And one more I just can't leave off the list:

I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist (Apologia Press). This is the only one that I haven't fully finished, but I mention it because it is so well-done.

As you can see, these are products that we have actually continued to use even after the review period was over because I found them so helpful and beneficial. As I posted in my last post, I do enjoy trying out new things and incorporating the things that work best into our family. These reviews have allowed us to do just that.

Stay tuned in the next couple of months as I'll be reviewing Apologia elementary science, Flowering Baby preschool, Classical Academic Press Old Testament, College Common Sense video series, Artistic Pursuits, Touch Math, and Classical Academic Press: The Art of Poetry. With my wide range of developmental ages at our school, there's a good chance you'll find something that will fit your kids!

Let the new review season begin!