Coming Up May 14-18!

Last week, I took another step of faith and applied to be a curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I am still amazed that I was accepted! It has been exciting to branch out into new arenas outside my comfort zone. God keeps pushing me to step out in faith and open myself up to new relationships, ministries, and adventures. This is yet another one of them! Now I know that not everyone who reads this blog is a homeschooler. In fact, I am working very hard not to limit what I write to homeschooling families. My passion is for discipleship. I firmly believe you don't have to homeschool to disciple your children! I do believe, however, that homeschooling is one of the best ways to integrate discipleship into all of life, and I hope that through this blog more parents would seriously consider it as an option. But I also know that it is not the only way. I have dear friends who I look to and admire who do not homeschool.

With that in mind, I wanted to invite you to join me as I begin my inaugural voyage with the Homeschool Crew, even if you don't homeschool. I am looking forward to learning from over 65 bloggers participating on this cruise, with each one focusing on different topics, from adoption, character training, children's literature, classic books for girls, crock-pot cooking, fighting your fears, freezer cooking, frugality, gardening, growing godly girls, hands-on science, high school lesson plans, homeschooling only children, learning with BOB books, living math, photography, preschool arts and crafts, procrastination, teaching your kids how to swim, and traveling! And I haven't even listed them all! As you can see there is something for everyone here, whether you homeschool or not. Starting Monday, look for a banner like this:



This month, my theme has been on discipleship. For the past couple of weeks, I have touched on the biblical foundation of discipleship, sharing the Gospel with our kids, and helping our kids cultivate spiritual disciplines, and discipleship through school, among other things. I will be continuing with my theme, but I will be incorporating it with the cruise.

In the coming five days, I will be incorporating this theme into the blog cruise so you'll see this button on my posts from May 14-18:

We will be talking about

I'm not sure what order it's going to be, but I've got lots to share--- ideas, resources and thoughts to consider as we seek to train our children to not just succeed in this life but to love and serve God through their lives. I just wanted to give you a heads-up on what I'll be doing as well as let you know about the other resources available in the coming week. Enjoy!