Just for Fun Friday: 12 Timesaving Tips (A Gabby Moms Review)

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."--Matthew 6:33 Last month, I shared a series on setting goals based on priorities, so this month as part of our Gabby Moms review, I was very excited when I found out we were to review the mp3 entitled "12 Super Time Saving Tips for Moms." This is one topic that I feel like I cannot get enough of, even if I have read countless articles, books and blogs on the subject! (Putting it into practice is another matter, however, but I'm not going there today.)

This mp3 came at a good time, as we were just about to move to our temporary home while our current home is being remodeled. In fact, I listened to it while I was packing up our boxes and it was an excellent way to occupy my mind as I put things in boxes and moved them around. (How's that for time-saving?) It is a little over 43 minutes long so it was just right for a good shot in the arm and left me something to chew on as I finished my job. I do plan on going back and listening a little more carefully---another perk of mp3 products!

Another thing I like about mp3 is that you can hear a real person speaking to you. I appreciate Lorrie's gentle, soft and encouraging voice---she is not overbearing nor does it feel like she is nagging you in any way. As I mentioned in my last Gabby Moms review, it really does feel like she is mentoring me, not lecturing me.

I was amazed at how much Lorrie was able to share in such a short amount of time. She had one tip, along with either a story or illustration and an idea on how to apply it. Multiply that by twelve and that's a lot of useful ideas! But not only that, she kept all of this in context of the big picture---using our time so that we can live out our priorities. I appreciated her reminder from Matthew 6:33 about putting God first and trusting that all the other things we want to do will be added as well. I know I'll have a lot to chew on when I listen again!

Several things that I took away after this first go-round: 1. On scheduling: If I don't love my schedule, I just don't have a good schedule yet. I somehow get this idea that I have to get it right the first time. But I am realizing that a good schedule comes with trial and error...and I need to keep working out the kinks until it fits. I needed that reminder!

2. On system overload: I loved her comparison of having too many "windows" open on your browser and how that slows your computer down. Sometimes we have too many little things that are clogging up our efficiency. If I just take a few moments to do those short, small 5 minute jobs first, I can "close up" some of those windows and things can go much more smoothly. Priceless!

3. On chores: This is the biggest take-home for me. Often times, I find myself doing things that can easily be delegated to my kids. When I share the load, I am not just helping myself, but I am helping my kids by equipping them with life skills when they grow up. It is not always the most loving thing to do everything myself as I end up shortchanging my kids later on. That's definitely a new way of looking at things!

I think the one thing that really resonated with me was the reminder that if we do not honor the most important things in our lives, nothing else will work out right. For myself, I have tried to do this by setting three "must-do" goals each day. Some days, especially the busy ones, it may simply be making time to affirm each of my children or pray for my husband. On other days, it may be things that I have been putting off and procrastinating. In any case, when I seek the Lord's priorities for my day, He usually shows me the most important things that need to be done. When I write them down (another tip!) I am far more likely to get those things accomplished, even if nothing else gets done.

As the title of this mp3 says, there are twelve tips, and I've just touched on three! If you'd like to check this title out yourself, you can find it here at the Eternal Encouragement website.

Disclaimer: As always, as a reviewer, I am given a copy of this product for my honest opinion. =)