The Time Has Come

[nggallery id=2] It is hard to believe, but here we are, the eve before we leave for China. It has been a long time in coming, but it is finally here. All the paperwork has been completed. All necessary approvals have been received. We have jumped through all the hoops and have been given permission to travel to meet Anah. We have moved out, remodeled our home, creating a new room to accommodate her. We have moved back and set up our home again. Her bed is made, ready for her to occupy it. The Lord has provided a larger car to replace our 5-passenger 4 Runner (which has since also been sold). We got a larger table and even have a little chair at the table. It has been sitting there for the past few weeks, reminding us that our family is going to expand yet again.

In Anah's last report, dated this past Tuesday, we learned that she is also being prepared for us as well. She has been prepped for our arrival and is learning our names. Her foster mother is helping her pack her belongings and say goodbye to all that she has ever known. Each day brings us one step closer to one another.

It is amazing to see how the Lord has provided for us, for it is certainly not because we have the resources. From the hard-earned cash of our young friends through recycling and lemonade stands to the mysterious benefactor with gifts left in our name, we have been blessed with what we have needed for this trip. In many ways, Anah is not gaining only a mom and dad, brothers and sister, but many "aunties" and "uncles", "grandpas" and "grandmas" as well.

As I have been reflecting on the whole idea of adoption and what this means, it has really stretched my understanding of what it means for us to be adopted as God's children. While it may seem like we have had to go through a lot of hoops to get to this point, how much more has God had to go through to bring us home. Until Anah comes to the US, she must retain her given Chinese name. But little by little, we will be breaking her into her new one. Likewise, God is breaking us into our new name as well. No longer are we what we once were. We have a new identity, one that is not temporary, but eternal.

As often as I can, I will try to post snippets from my journey as well as my journal. Writing has always been a way for me to capture some of the things that God is doing and I'd love for you to join along. Please feel free to dialogue as we go...I'd love to hear from you, even while I am across the ocean and far from home.

Until next time...