Whatcha Doin' This Summer?: The Summer Schoolhouse Library

SchoolhouseLibrary Just a public service announcement today...

For the past year I've had the opportunity to work with the wonderful TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew. I know our family has personally benefited from the wonderful products that we have had the opportunity to review. We love homeschooling and the doors it has opened for us.

Summer is coming up, and the awesome people behind the SchoolhouseTeachers.com site have put together a special of over 175 e-books and audios for only $25. For you curriculum buffs out there, you know that this is a steal. Within the Schoolhouse Library, you will find something for every age in your home, in a wide variety of study topics.

I know not all my readers are homeschoolers, and that's totally fine. Even if you aren't, you may still want to check it out. There will inevitably be those days that your kids are going to tell you that they are bored. No problem! Scan through the library of downloadable files on your computer with your kids and see if anything strikes their fancy. If something is too difficult for your child this year, save it for next year! From preschoolers to high schoolers to special needs, there is a good chance there is something for every child in your family.

For example they may want to listen to one of the 15 audio e-books from My Audio School while they are tinkering with some Legos. Not only will they be entertained with some wholesome food for the mind, they can also learn a little history to boot!

Or how about this? If you've got a printer and a couple of file folders, your kids can learn about carnivorous plants while creating a special lapbook from In the Hands of a Child. (If you don't know what a lapbook is, it's an interactive learning tool filled with mini booklets and information. You can see one that we did--from a different company--over here.)

Little ones can learn how to draw with the Draw Write Now sampler included. Your girls may be interested in learning about Victorian Era heroines. Take a trek through history with Map Trek from Knowledge Quest maps--a great way to prepare your kids for world history in the coming school year. If you are looking for some review time (so their brains don't forget everything over the summer!), there are books to help you with Bible, reading, spelling, writing, geography, science, and math.

There are also goodies for Mom too! Your kids struggling with writing? There's help from Write Shop. Wanting to get organized for the school year and feeling a bit frazzled? Check out Mary Jo Tate's 7 planning tools to help you focus. Curious about how you can learn as a family? Jessica Hulcy has a video for you on that topic. If you'll be traveling, you can download the files onto your tablet and your kids can have plenty to read or listen to in the car. We don't let our kids just zone out with video games on long car trips (yeah, we're so mean), so we need to have some other options!

Doesn't that sound wonderful? The value of the library is well worth the one-time cost of $25. I know I'm signing up! Check it out at the Schoolhouse Library page and get ready for a summer of fun and learning!