Friday Finds #5: Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas!

Freedom_From_Want [box] One of my personal challenges in life is to keep learning and trying something new. This series is a documentary on some of the things I am learning, whether it be as a child of God, wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, friend. I invite you to learn along with me![/box]

At this time of year, I love browsing through the recipe sites online, looking for something new to try on our Thanksgiving menu. While many of us probably have a traditional menu, with side dishes we always have or ones we only serve for this one particular meal every year, my Thanksgiving tradition has been to try something new every year. Sure, it is a risk to try something new, but I am a little heedless that way. Maybe I'll even test it out before the big day, but often I don't.

We have our traditional turkey (which I cook without too much fuss using Butterball's easy instructions), a sweet potato souffle, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Other than that, the side dishes usually vary: some kind of hot vegetable, some type of bread, either cranberry sauce or stuffing or something incorporating those ingredients, and an apple or pumpkin-flavored dessert. Whatever I don't try, I usually delegate to someone else. It works for us!

So here are some of the contestants for this year's feast:

Hot Vegetable:

Reminds Me of Home Green Bean Casserole: just four ingredients required! I think I'll use frozen green beans instead of canned though, just because I think there's less of a canned "taste," if you know what I mean.


Buttered Rosemary Rolls from Pioneer Woman: though I might just try it in another pan...because 7 rolls is not going to feed all of us!  This one uses frozen bread dough, so it can cut down on the time required.

Honey Potato Rolls may also be another alternative. A plus with this one is you can make it in advance and freeze the dough. Even if it doesn't make this year's Thanksgiving cut, I may need to try it out on another night!

Cranberry alternative:

Cranberry Ice: sounds like something I can make ahead of time...and a little different too!


Apple Pie Cookie Bars: I don't know about you, but by the time dessert rolls around, we're pretty stuffed. We're not big on the pie thing, so this may be a good substitute!

And after the feast is over, I always like to try to make a soup with the carcass, and then use the turkey for some dinners!

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving dinner?