Just For Fun Friday: How Much Stuff is Enough? (David Platt)

As I have mentioned in my last goals post, our family has just moved back into what we have affectionately dubbed "our new old house". With the imminent arrival of our new daughter, there is a definite deadline for getting things in order. Back in April, I went through each room of our home and tried to figure out its purpose and function. I am now taking that plan and going through the boxes in storage and trying to purge and get rid of things that don't fit that picture I have in my head. So today, as I settled in to start tackling another section of boxes, I came across this video from David Platt, author of Radical. I had just read his book a couple months ago and was really challenged by it. This short clip came at a good time for me as I sort through my possessions and think about how I can share them with others who could use them more than I can. I hope it will encourage and challenge you too!

[jwplayer mediaid="4672"]