Storybook Shoes: The Summer Collection!

2014.06.10 baby shoes 60 Back in November, I shared my daughter's first foray into business with her crocheted baby shoes. Thank you to those of you who have supported her in her venture! She is learning a lot in the process!

Though retail stores have been selling summer stuff for months now, she has finally gotten her collection together. (We're still learning, right?) Again, I think they are absolutely adorable. Check these out!

Brand New

Summer 2014 Collection

2014.06.13 baby shoes 10

Flip Flops (6-12 mos.)
2014.06.10 baby shoes 44
 Seaside sandals (6-12 mos.)
$15 each
2014.06.10 baby shoes 20
Girl bow sandals, white/tan (6-12 mos.)
$15 each
Girl bow sandals, pink/ivory (6-12 mos.)
And yes, there is something for the boys too--though they can work for girls as well!
2014.06.10 baby shoes 33

Boy sandals (6-12 mos.)
$15 each

Fall 2014 Preview

And if you're thinking ahead for the fall season...
2014.06.25 baby shoes 7
Sailor boots, tan/white (6-12 mos.)
 Sailor boots, chocolate/tan (6-12 mos.)
Sailor boots, navy/white (7-13 mos.)
2014.06.10 baby shoes 30
Too Cute Mary Janes (6-12 mos.)--pink


Grab a pair before they disappear!
2014.06.10 baby shoes 9
 Chocolate boots, plain (12-18 mos.)
$15 $10
Rosebud boots with ruffles (12-18 mos.)
$15 $10
 Cream boots with ruffles (12-18 mos.)
$15 $10
 Snow boots with ruffles (12-18 mos.)
$15 $10
Shoes worn with socks will fit smaller feet (for example, 12-18 month sized boots worn with socks will fit a 6-12 month old).

2014.06.10 baby shoes 21

 Mary Janes (9-15 mos.)
$15 $10

Each pair is hand-crocheted, so there is limited availability. If you see a pair you like, please contact me at, and I will connect you with my daughter. These make wonderful unique baby shower gifts and come wrapped in a handmade shoebox.


I am open to any suggestions on sizing, color, or design!
Thank you for your support!
Janna Christian,
Storybook Shoes