Just For Fun Friday: Scrapbook Page--Welcome

  Thoughts about our new home...journaling is as follows:

The work on our “466” house in Claremont is underway. It has been about two weeks now since we’ve made 335 Workman Mill Road inLa Puente our home. Despite the fact that it is a bit smaller in square footage than our Claremont home, we have found this place to be perfect for us in this season.

As I have been thinking about houses and homes, one thought struck me. It really doesn’t matter the size, the shape, the number of bedrooms, but what lies inside.

One of the dreams I have is to create a home atmosphere that is one that blesses those within as well as those who come to visit. I want my home to say “welcome,” whether they live here or not.

That is something that really doesn’t depend on what a house looks like. What does matter is whether the Lord is at home there. when he is at home in my home, then it will be the welcoming home I desire it to be.

I can have a mansion but it can still be cold inside. Or I can have a small home but be full of warmth. It is a choice I make in my thoughts, words and actions. Decor, furniture and style only enhance what is already there. They cannot make it truly home.

Lord, make your home in mine so that all who come in will know you more.

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