Just For Fun Friday: A Letter to My Baby

So, I have made a page for Janna, one for Matthew, and even one for Anah. I can't forget my baby! As the youngest, he has gone through the most change in between birthdays: from this


 to this...

And so this is my letter to him...

Dearest Jonathan,

The last two years with you have been some of the wildest years of my parenting career ever. When your dad and I wondered how different a third child can be, we had no idea what God had in mind. I am sure He was chuckling (in a good way) when He sent us you!

Over these years, those traits that I saw in you when you were an infant really started coming into full flower. You are bold, confident and very sure of yourself. That is a trait that is very different than the rest of us! You have no problem telling us what you think. Even if you are 100% wrong, you act as if you are completely right. I pray that the Lord will take that confidence and direct it into the things that are true and right, making you a young man who will stand boldly for his faith.

Another thing that we see in you is your desire to catch up to all the big guys in the house. At four, you know way too much about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (even if you haven't watched them!). You love to try out big words like "probably" and talk like you are three times your age! We aren't even trying to teach you these things; you just pick them up. Just as you started walking without us noticing, so you are learning letters and addition without us too!

That's a good thing because this coming fall is your last school year before we start kindergarten. Sigh... I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy these days with you because all too soon, you will also be entering your formal school years. You are always asking me to play with you, read you stories or watch you. I am sorry that I haven't always been very good at that. I pray that God will constantly remind me to capture those moments especially in this year to come.

Let's see, what else is unique about you?

  • As I already mentioned, you love movies. You'll have a favorite that you watch for weeks on end, till we're tired of it. You'll memorize the lines and act out scenes. Your favorites usually are the Pixar movies like Cars, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., or Disney movies or in the last year, Star Wars (all except Episode 3).
  • Eating is not your favorite thing to do. Dessert? You can skip it and not care. But you do love salty junk food, like popcorn, potato chips or fries. Fortunately, you do like cheese, watermelon ("larrylemon") and strawberries.
  • You love to have people over. After a little warmup time, you quickly dive in and start telling them all about your favorite movies, even though most people don't quite know what you're talking about!
  • The way you switch syllables creates some very memorable words. Some of our favorites are: mazagines, cholocate, breezas (zebras), ephelant, buffleyes (butterflies) and tonkats (contacts).
  • You've had more black eyes than anyone else in our family. You received your first one when we were on a family vacation in Arizona with the Ma family.
  • You dropped your afternoon naps at a very young age. You stopped taking naps by the time you were about 3 1/2 years old. Too early for me! But the other option was having you up till 10 pm.
  • On the positive end, you were almost completely toilet trained before you turned three. Day, night, #1 and #2---you were doing great!
  • You are very socially savvy. You know the socially correct thing to say and even have been known to compliment girls on their outfits! Though you don't care much about what you wear, you notice what others wear.
  • You are an expert trike rider! When we were living at the temporary house at the church, you would love to ride your trike at top speed and then turn corners at the last minute. You are getting so good at it that you can ride with no hands or pedaling with one leg. I love to hear you squeal with laughter when you go down hills or driveways. I will have to say I'll be a little nervous when you start driving!
  • You have very good fine motor control---cutting, stringing beads, coloring in the lines, building with those little Legos---you do great!
  • Despite all your grown up mannerisms, you still love your Lion and sucking your fingers before you go to bed. I'm glad you're not growing up that quickly!

Yes, there are so many things that are special about you. In the year to come, there will be a lot of changes ahead, especially when Anah comes to join our family. Even though she is older than you are, it is a decision that you did not have a say in. The good thing is, you'll still be the baby. And I am so glad that you are. We can't imagine life without you, little man.

I love you, Lukey Luke!


Credits: That's My Boy Scrapover Page by Michelle Shefveland