Just For Fun Friday: A Page for Janna

Last month, I shared a scrapbook page of my son, Matthew. Every year, I try to write a letter to each of my kids highlighting some of the things they have accomplished, milestones, and character traits. Like Matthew, I have two years of life to catch up on, but better late than never, right? Here's my letter to her:

Dearest Janna,

While I have tried to write a letter every year for your birthday, a whole year has gone by and I never did write one for your 14th birthday. So I hope you won't mind if I cover two years in this one!

At the time of your 14th birthday, you have already begun high school. We are so proud of your academic achievements and dedication to your work. You are detailed, thorough and punctual in all your assignments. Even in the subjects that you are not particularly fond of (like geometry in your freshman year or chemistry in your sophomore year), you have excelled. I pray that in persevering and doing your best even in difficult subjects, you will develop the character you will need in the future to tackle undesirable tasks. Fortunately, dissecting frogs is not something you will probably have to encounter again!

Besides studying, you have begun to serve at MOPS on Friday mornings with the toddlers. At first, it took a little convincing, as Fridays were usually your day to take it easy with school. But you were willing to sacrifice three hours of your morning to watch little ones for the sake of their mothers. I am so glad that you have been able not only to minister to these moms but also to love these kids. Sydney, Taylor, Zoey...they all love you and think you're the best! I pray that in serving in this ministry, you are able to develop a nurturing heart and confidence in working with children that will benefit you, should the Lord bless you with your own.

At home, you are a wonderful big sister to your little brothers. I am blessed to see the special bond you have with each of them. Even though they gross you out at times or make you roll your eyes, I can tell that you do love them. One day, they will grow up. I know Matthew really enjoys hanging out with you (to get a break from Jonathan!) and looks up to you. I hope that when you are adults, you will find good friends in one another, even with Jonathan.

But most exciting of all this year is that you will finally have a little sister, one that you have had to wait through two brothers for. Right from the start, I know you have wanted Anah to join our family. Even though we don't know what is going to happen over the next year, I am praying that you two will have a wonderful relationship and that through it, you will grow in character and depth even more.

I am also very thankful for the good friends that you have at church. Even though it was a rough start back in those pre-teen years, you have a consistent circle of friends that you enjoy and hang out with. Melissa is still your dearest friend, but you have been able to get along with the girls in your class. You have also been starting to meet with Aimee for mentoring, a move you decided on your own. Keep seeking out the wisdom and insight of others. Godly mentors in your life will keep you humble and growing.

Even though you still like to sleep in on Saturdays, boss your brothers around, and act goofy at home, I see in you a maturity and grace blossoming. You are developing a love for God's people and for serving Him and others. Whether it is the Easter musical, serving on our media team at church or playing the handbells, you have been growing a servant's heart. Your artistic eye is really starting to develop and it has been exciting to see you be asked to take video or serve as team photographer at VBS. I am really looking forward to seeing what God will do with your talents and gifts in this area.

And though you tend to be cautious, I can see your adventurous spirit start to come out too. You may need to think about something for awhile, but you are also willing to take steps of faith, like sharing devotionals with your peers during youth group. I am so excited for all that God has in store for you. When you follow Him, adventures are sure to be in store. Know that I am here and am looking forward to seeing how God unfolds your life in the next two years as you complete your high school education and enter into a whole new world. I love you, big girl.


Credits: Cotton Candy Quick Page by Alma's ScrapHabit Designs