Schoolhouse Expo Starts Today!

cropped-Expo-Header Hi there friends! I'm still in denial that school has started again...even though this is our third week back!

As my kids are going back to school, so am I! As I have posted the last couple of weeks, the Old Schoolhouse Magazine is sponsoring a week-long virtual homeschooling conference this week, starting today! As we were eating lunch, I was able to sneak in a few moments here and there, listening to Marie Rippel share about effective teaching methods for struggling learners.

I had my laptop on my counter as I was flipping quesadillas (one of my favorite things about technology nowadays!), and one thing she shared stood out to me. She mentioned the "curse of knowledge"---how we as parents often get down on our kids because they can't get something that took us years to learn. We forget that at one time we didn't know our multiplication tables or how to make plurals either. And so that gentle reminder to be patient with our kids as they are learning was a good one for me.

Then in the afternoon, I was delighted to find out that Heidi St. John was speaking! I knew Heidi and her husband Jay when we were still living in Portland, so it was like hearing from an old friend. One thing that she said that struck me was the importance of relationship over academics. I starred and circled and put exclamation points and arrows all over it, mainly because I tend to be very focused on getting things done...and forget that discipleship is my main objective in homeschooling, not proving a point to the rest of society.

If you've been debating about whether or not to attend the Schoolhouse Expo, I encourage you to deliberate no longer. The registration page will get you set up. You will need to look out for the email with your unique link to log in. I also had to install GoToMeeting, but that is not difficult at all. Or you can call in and enter your access code if you prefer not to be tied down to your computer.

I noticed that the "midway" price is now $17, so I'd jump in now if you've been debating, before it goes up again! Even if you cannot listen this week, the sessions are recorded. In about a month, you will receive the link to watch the archived presentations online. In the past, I have downloaded them as mp3's and listened to them while doing my morning workouts!

I honestly felt refreshed and renewed. It has been a hard season for us, as many of you know, with the adoption. Homeschooling has been an issue of survival. Just today's sessions were a shot in the arm for me as we start the new year. I hope it will also give you some new vision and fresh encouragement as you start the new school year.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post. In return, I received a ticket to the Schoolhouse Expo.