Schoolhouse Expo Coming Up!

cropped-Expo-Header This is a post especially for homeschooling moms, but even if you're not, you are welcome to read on (especially if you are interested in homeschooling at all).

Coming up on August 19-23, 2013--that's a Monday through Friday---The Old Schoolhouse Expo will be holding a special online conference. The Expo will be broadcasting live from 1 PM-8PM Eastern time (which is 10 AM- 5PM Pacific Time, if you're on the west coast like me). Thirty speakers are lined up! I'm especially looking forward to hearing from Kim Kautzer (WriteShop), Jessica Hulcy of KONOS, and getting a good chuckle and a shot in the arm from Todd Wilson (The Familyman). You can find out who else will be speaking by hopping on over the the Expo page.

Now if any of you are like me, I know I love to keep learning how I can improve my skills as a homeschooling mom. As the school year approaches (or even if you homeschool year round!), this is a great time to reorient ourselves to the task ahead.

If you are new to the homeschooling scene or just curious about what homeschooling is all about, I encourage you to listen with an open heart. There will be a lot information, but relax. The $24 registration for this event will not only get you a ticket into the event but the recordings as well. You can just listen for overview for the first time, jot down a few notes of interest, and then later on in the year, come back to it at your leisure to the mp3. That's what I do!

I can't tell you how many times I have listened to previous Expo recordings. I have worked through so many wonderful talks while doing my early morning workouts...not only am I exercising my body, I am feeding my mind and soul as well. If you've never tried an online Expo before, I encourage you to give it a try. I'll be posting some of the things I'm learning as we go through the week, but I hope you'll not just take my word for it.

Registration is now open, so come join in on the fun before they sell out! Hope to see you there!

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post, and I am receiving one promotional ticket to the Expo as reimbursement. However, I have and would have purchased this myself even if I didn't receive one. Really.