Planning Ahead for Father's Day!

"'Honor your father and your mother' (this is the first commandment with a promise), 'that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.'"--Ephesians 6:2, 3

All right, time for a pop quiz (no pun intended!)! Fill in the blank:

Father's Day ______________________________

a) became a legal holiday 58 years after Mother's Day.

b) was disdained by men in the past because it domesticated manliness.

c) is considered by retailers a guy's second Christmas.

You'll find the answer at the end of the post!

Just in case you haven't seen all the signage around your local Target, this year, Father's Day is coming up June 17 (you still have time!). This year for us, Father's Day is going to come at one of the busiest times in the history of our family. We will hopefully be back into our home sometime this week, so I'm sure our home is going to be a mess! So in order to be ready for the big day, we're going to have to plan ahead.

I think it is important for my kids to honor their father, and so we work at putting together something meaningful and special for him. As we are also on a limited budget, we try to think of things that speak words of blessing and encouragement into his life over something that is material. My husband isn't a big gadget guy, nor does he really want a lot of stuff, but words of affirmation are his love language.

So as you think about blessing your husband or your kids' father, consider these ideas.

If his love language is words of affirmation,

  • have your kids write a letter of the reasons why they love him (challenge the older kids to think of character qualities as well as things he does for them).
  • older kids may want to turn these into something a little more creative, like a song, poem or story.
  • Or take photos of the kids with their words of affirmation and create a collage. I think we're going to do this one!

If he prefers quality time,

  • provide tickets to a ball game for the family and plan a trip together
  • plan an afternoon of some of his favorite activities
  • take a hike with him or go biking if he likes being outdoors
  • take Dad out to dinner and have the kids think up questions to ask him about his childhood

If he really digs receiving gifts,

If acts of service really speak to him,

  • make a list of things your kids can do to serve Dad and make a coupon book or a tin. Some ideas: helping wash or detail the car, vacuuming his car, cleaning the yard, baking him his favorite meal or cookies, or think of chores that he usually does and take care of them for him (e.g. taking out the trash cans, mowing the lawn, etc.)
  • let him sleep in peace
  • give him a weekend off from chauffeuring kids and arrange a fishing trip with his favorite buddies. Present him with a can of gummy worms as a token of your gift
  • make him breakfast (in bed or not). These French Toast Kebabs are easy for kids to help with! Or plan a barbecue feast (tune in tomorrow for barbecue recipes, tips and more!)

Or if his love language is physical touch,

The main goal of Father's Day is to give our children (and ourselves!) an opportunity to honor the dads in our lives. I know my husband does so much for our family. I have a hunch that most dads would take thoughtful over expensive any day. I hope this will give you some ways you can bless the dads in your family in a way that will speak deeply to them.

P.S. Thought I forgot about the pop quiz? Answer: all three are true. (I got my trivia here, if you're curious.)

How are you going to encourage and bless Dad this year?