Our First Week

I know this sounds cliché, but it has been non-stop here since we arrived on Tuesday. We spent the first few days sightseeing: we’ve seen the Summer Palace, “climbed” the Great Wall, and visited the Forbidden City. Last night, we braved the metro during Friday night rush hour to attend an acrobatic show. Today, we finally started shifting from vacation mode to adoption mode with a luncheon with other adoptive parents. It was a bit surreal talking with some of the other parents. It’s not just in theory anymore. It’s really happening!

Besides our family and the other family we are traveling with from our church, there is one other family from Florida who will also be going to Nanning with us to pick up their little one. We thought we waited a long time until we heard that they had been waiting for six years for this time to come!

This isn’t Dan’s or my first time in China, but it is the first time for our kids. It has been fun seeing things through their eyes. They have quickly learned how to be alert when crossing the street and are mastering their chopsticks quite well. Beijing is quite a metropolitan city and we have seen people from all over the world here: French, Canadian, Australian, as well as people who are vacationing from other provinces within China.

God has been good to us here. In no particular order, here are a few things I’m thankful for so far:

  • That Jonathan was able to come on this trip and is doing so well. He was our wild card from the start and there was a time when we debated about whether or not we should bring him. But he did great on the airplane ride, has had very little, if any, jetlag, and has been eating well.
  • For beautiful weather. Everybody has remarked how clean the air was (thanks to a good soaking the night we arrived!). The clear skies allowed us to see the Great Wall stretched out in panoramic view.
  • Serendipitous connections. Because one of our party had a stepbrother in Beijing, we opted to make our own arrangements for tours. We met Linda outside the gate of the Forbidden City when she approached us. Not only did she get us in and through the grounds, she was helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. We could have easily gotten ripped off, but God allowed us to meet up with her.
  • Wonderful fellowship within our two families. We have been together on this journey right from the start and it has been awesome to see what God is doing within us and together. And this is just the beginning!

Well, we are packing up to move on right now so I better go. Anah, here we come!

PS Sorry for the lack of pictures right now. I'm still figuring this out, but hope this gives you a little glimpse of what is happening here. I'll try to get them up when I can.