Just For Fun Friday: Organizing Inspiration

If you've been following along this past month, you will know that I have been in the process of planning out our home. As I have done so, I came across some great blogs that may help you to get organized too. I always like a challenge, and here are a few I actually read that will help you to break the job down into smaller tasks.

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home by Money Saving Mom: In this series, Crystal Paine sets herself a challenge every morning and then in the evening, blogs about how well she accomplished those goals. I wish I was in my own house, so I can follow along with her, but I plan to go back to these posts and work on them when I get back. These are bite-sized little tasks to do, but over the course of four weeks can make a huge difference!

52 Weeks by I'm an Organizing Junkie: In this 52 week series, Laura has 52 weeks of challenges that she wrote in 2011. You can take it at your own pace or challenge yourself to take one a week. Posts deal with labeling, cleaning out closets, weeding out magazines, and my favorite: getting your kids involved!

I Heart Organizing (blog): This blog just has organizing ideas in general. I like these kinds of blogs mainly because these are real people in real homes. Maybe it's a bit over the top for my tastes, but I like seeing how other moms do things.

Simplify 101 article archive: I like this site's simplicity and cleanness. Very easy on the eyes, but full of great tips.

Organized Home website: I enjoyed the Christmas section of Organized Home with all their planners, and didn't realize they had a regular site too. Bite sized tips and help. Why do these articles about getting kids to help always catch my eye?

Organizing Your Way: This is one of a series of "Your Way" blogs that focuses specifically on homemaking. I have enjoyed this site and hope you will too!

Fly Lady website: And last, but not least, the one that most homemakers have probably heard about. She has a habit of the month (this month is making your bed), detailed "zone" cleaning so that you are systematically cleaning through your home, and basically coaches you through. A great resource for ideas and help.

I know I'll have plenty of reading and learning to do here! Organizing is a hot topic and there are tons out there, so if you want more, there is plenty! May they help you on your journey towards a home that you love.