A Place of Rest: The Master Bedroom

Happy Monday! How are you doing today? We just started back to school after a three week spring break. Our first day back after an extended break is usually our hardest. And the last bit of school before the year ends is the most challenging! Anyways, we're about halfway through the house improvement series! Last week, we talked about the common areas of the home: the living/family room, the playroom, the kitchen and the dining room. This week, we're going to look at the more private areas, like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Our original home did not have a master suite. Our bedroom was anything but private. I don't know if it was because it was an old home or what, but we had two doors into our room (see photo) and no attached bathroom. I'm not sure what the rationale was, but that was how we bought it. The bathroom nearest to us was only a half bath.

So we are enlarging our bedroom a bit, and my husband is indulging me by adding a walk-in closet (!!) and we are also adding a shower to the bathroom. The best part is we're closing off one of the doors so that our room will no longer be a part of the racetrack the kids and their friends enjoy running circles around.

As I think about our new "suite" I can think of two main purposes: 1) a place for rest/sleep/retreat from the work of the home, and 2) a place for my husband and me to enjoy together. Whether it be alone or with one another, I hope that our room will be a place to put the cares of the day behind us and find some time for personal refreshment.

I know that as a mother, that sounds a tad bit self-indulgent or even selfish, but I also know that when I take care of myself and when my husband and I cultivate our marriage, we are setting in place strong foundations for our children as well. When I am rested---physically and spiritually---I have the resources to keep caring for the needs of the kids and the home. When I am connected with my husband, we provide a strong nucleus for our family.

For this reason, we do not have a TV in our room, as it seems to detract from the greater purposes of this room. I realize this is an issue of personal preference, but as we seldom watch TV anyways, it is just better for us not to have an extra source of distraction. If we want to watch a movie together, the laptop will work! The same goes for having our office in our room. We had that when we first got married, but if we don't have to, we won't. Just personal preference.

We originally wanted to make a window seat for our room before, but as it never was finished, it ended up more like a place to pile my stuff. So this time around, we're thinking that we'd like a small table and chairs for us to have a private dinner for two or something for us to curl up in to read. I like something like this, but not the pattern. I can imagine myself reading on a seat like this!

Source: Living Room Sofas

But to be honest, I also know that a third purpose for our room will be storage. The question is how to store things without it looking like a storeroom. Downsizing and decluttering will be my first step, but I am going to need a organizing and storage system that will help me to find what I need quickly.

I am not a clothes horse nor do I have many pairs of shoes, but I do have lots of craft supplies, books, magazines and DVDs to account for. I guess every girl has her treasures! I want storage that looks uniform, is easy to access and is clearly marked. Our closet is no where near this one from Better Homes and Gardens, but it gives me some ideas on what I can do. Probably won't have room for all those cabinets and modular units, but maybe one day. I'll file it away.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

I am not much of a decorator, but I do want our room to be a personal retreat center as well. Candles, potted (fake) plants and pictures on the wall will add the finishing touch. If I can just keep it picked up and all my stuff contained in the closet (maybe that's a good limiting factor---whatever doesn't fit needs to go!), it might almost seem like we're on vacation!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your invitations to find rest in You. I pray that our bedroom will be a place of spiritual, physical and emotional rest, and that it will be a place for my husband and I to nurture our relationship. I pray that this private room will be open to You, for You to meet with us and to minister to us here, so that we may go back out and serve our children and guests. In Jesus' name, Amen.

The master bedroom chore chart!