March's Mini Elephants

Okay, so let's see how we did last month. This was my original list: 1. Work through Ephesians 4 (Was able to finish Ephesians 1 and half of 2). 2. Memorize Ephesians 2 (I am just about done with Ephesians 1!). 3. Read Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes (finished reading my first book, Sacred Marriage, and am actually reading a "bonus" book, Sacred Influence, both by Gary Thomas). 4. Plan and enjoy working with my husband at our first (and hopefully not last!) marriage retreat of the year, set for Feb. 3-5. Next weekend...yikes! 5. Plan for Valentine's Day---food, little treats for kids, and gift for husband. (Already to finish!) 6. Help my husband get our house packed up and ready for moving out by Feb. 8. (started with the kitchen and bathroom so far and maybe giving away or tossing about 20%.) 7. Finish going through college planning with Janna and helping her develop a potential business. (We'll be learning together on that one!) 8. Finish up World War I study with Matthew. 9. Spend time with Jonathan learning about Valentine's Day and our body and how we can use it for God. 10. Begin a nutrition 101 study with the kids, finish chapter 1. 11. Establish a new chore routine and schedule that fits our new living situation by the end of the month. 12. Get together with one girlfriend. 13. Complete the set up of my marriage 101 site for my class, hopefully by this week. (This is one I wanted done last month, so it's a catch-up goal.) 14. Complete outline for the rest of my class this semester (so I'm not doing it the week before!). 15. Complete scrapbook pages on Jonathan's 4th birthday, Matthew's 10th birthday and Janna's 15th birthday (write letters to them) and our road trip to Sacramento (for Anah).

Not too bad, eh? Much better than letting the move completely derail me, that's for sure.

This month, I'm not going to be writing down my Bible study goals, as that is something that is not really a challenge for me to "get done." My quiet time is such a set part of my day that I usually don't have a problem meeting those goals, so I'm going to leave them off from now on, so I can focus on ones that I really tend to procrastinate on (like having fun...note that #15 is not completed. =P  )

March's Goals:

For my marriage:

1. Read chapter 1 of Paul Tripp's What Did You Expect? (we finally finished Love and War! Woohoo!)

2. Plan next quarter's dates

3. Work out details for house and financial plans---have a purpose and vision for each room/area to help guide our purchasing decisions.

4. Plan menu for March 31 Day with Jesus.

For kids:

5. Janna---Pray and dream about a business.

6. Go out for one fun date.

7. Matthew---Start World War II study.

8. Re-establish our Friday night dates, now that basketball season is over.

9. Jonathan---Teach him how to set the table.

10. Cook with him one day.

For family:

11. Learn about Chinese history, in coordination with our field trip to see the Terra Cotta soldiers exhibit.

12. Have two families over for dinner.

For me:

13. Go out with a girlfriend.

14. Read Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson.

15. Scrapbook pages I didn't do last month.

For school:

16. Write United States Government course for Janna.

17. Write English Literature course for Janna on Victorian era literature.

18. Read A Tale of Two Cities.

19. Create unit study on World War II for Matthew.

20. Plan Jonathan's body unit: purpose, books, activities, Bible lessons.

For ministry:

20. Complete Marriage 101 website pages up through Session 10.

21. Set up coaching materials for scheduling program.

Writing goals:

22. Begin sketching out Ephesians Bible study.

23. Finish Sacred Marriage journal questions.

A little more than last month, but hopefully now that we're in one place for now, and with spring break coming up, there will be time to do some extra work. And if I don't finish it, OH WELL. Just move it to next month! I'm giving myself permission right now.