A Place for Everyone: The Kids' Bedrooms

This series has definitely turned out differently than I had originally planned! I was thinking of doing a spring cleaning series, but instead, it has become an idea notebook of sorts for me. Challenging myself to post on one room or area of my home every day has been a stretch outside of my usual self, as I have found myself doing more thinking out loud, musing, and dreaming than I have anything else. At the same time, this has been a very profitable series for me personally, as I have been praying through each room of my home and seeking God's vision for it. If you don't know me personally, purpose and vision is very important for me, for it gives me something to aim for. There is nothing worse for me than not knowing where I am going. Panic sets in and lethargy, hopelessness and despair usually accompany it. So whether no one else benefits from this series or not, it has been good for me.

So today, it is time to start thinking about my children's rooms. I think this is the biggest change of all in the house, where the most square footage is added. Previously, we have our boys sharing a room and Janna in her own room. This was Janna's consolation prize for getting another brother! Of the three bedrooms we had in our former arrangement, she got the smallest room.

But with the imminent arrival of Anah, that room is not going to be spacious enough for a teen and a seven-year-old. (By the way, Anah just had her birthday this past Sunday!) Janna will need and want to stay up later in the evenings, but will also need a quiet place for her to study during the day. Given that, we will need to have places for study as well as places for rest. I don't imagine this room being much of a play room for now. If and when Janna moves out, it may be reconfigured. But for now, I think we will have Anah playing in the playroom.

For the boys, I can foresee similar issues coming up. The age difference between Matthew and Jonathan are about the same as the difference between Janna and Anah. Seven or eight years' difference will require some thought and planning as each of the boys will need the room at various times.

Matthew prefers to do his studying out in the family room (he has never been one to hide himself away like Janna), and Jonathan is like that too. Both of them would much rather be where the action is! However, as Matthew enters his teen years, he may just want a little space from his brother as well. I'd like him to be able to find some time for solitary pursuits away from the curious and sometimes overwhelming presence of his younger sibling! If I had to choose between the two of them as to who was in the room alone, I think I would tailor it to Matthew.

One of the challenges in kids' rooms is that I need to: 1) help my children be selective about what they keep as "treasures", and 2) help provide a way for them to store, access, and evaluate said treasures. If your kids are like mine, you know that with every Christmas comes a new slew of toys, not to mention the Happy Meal collections, party favors and hand-me-downs they get throughout the year.

When I help my kids to organize their room, find homes for their belongings and teach them how to periodically weed out outgrown things, I hope to also set the stage for healthy habits and beliefs about their belongings in the future. Part of it is starting with myself. I am amazed at how much I am learning by getting rid of the stress that comes with too much stuff.

So my number one job is to clean out the boys' closet, figure out what kinds of things they need to store, and appropriate storage options for those things. I think this is going to be especially true for one of my kids who seems to like to leave things where they drop, even if there is a place for them. Perhaps that is more a training issue than an organization one!

For some reason, I like having containers that allow kids to sort their belongings. It also provides a limit as to how much they can keep!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

If I pair them with these shelves that my husband and Matthew made, it would be perfect!

Bottom line: I want my kids' rooms to be places of rest and refuge for them as well as a place where they can store their personal belongings. In providing places for that to happen, I hope that they are blessed and equipped with more than just a roof over their head.

Heavenly Father, I pray that my children will enjoy being at home, that they will find it the sweetest place to be. Though one day, they will grow up and leave us, I pray that these days in this home will be full of delightful memories of family, fun, joy and peace. May we enjoy these days that we have with them, that they will have plenty of inspiration to carry into the homes that they will one day create. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Cleaning list for kids' bedrooms.