June 2013 Mini Elephants

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image21731706It's Friday, and I am sitting in our neighborhood Panera, thinking through what has happened this past month. It has been a challenging one. Sometimes I wonder when things will ever be "normal" for us again. And the realization is that maybe, they never will. That has been a hard thing to accept at times. But that is where I am thankful for how God periodically gives us fresh starts. There are new days, new weeks, new months, new years. And with each of these beginnings, He gives me hope again to keep moving on. His mercies truly are new every morning...and every new month!

So, let's see how I did last month:

  • memorize the first half of Philippians 3
  • read the books of Exodus and Leviticus (and to do it with a teachable heart!):  What impressed me most in this reading: Moses' character development in his "wilderness" years and through the laws of Leviticus, how much God wants to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, not just our spiritual lives.
  • read Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson : This was an excellent read. It impressed on me once again the urgency and importance of discipling my children, boys and girls, and how this is worth every sacrifice I make.
  • go out with Jonathan for a one-on-one date. : We went out to listen to our neighborhood orchestra (his choice!) but he didn't make it through past the intermission. Maybe we'll have a make-up date, but we did have some one-on-one time.
  • blog some book reviews for summer reading (goal: 8 posts)
  • take a Sabbath one weekend, Saturday evening to Sunday evening: This is always the hardest thing to actually make happen. Why is it so hard to stop? It seems like there is more than just too much to do that is at stake. There is also an issue of obedience and faith. I'll have to talk this over with my husband. This isn't even every weekend...just one. And I still can't stop and let it go.
  • figure out a time in our family routine to do a hymn study: Again another one to discuss with my husband. I'm thinking family worship needs to be reinstated into our routine.
  • finalize our curriculum choices for the kids next year: Pretty much done.
  • arrange a visit with an academic counselor for Janna at Biola: Set for June.
  • select ten activities to go through with Anah: all sitting there waiting for me...now to train her in using them.
  • help Matthew blog twice on his Team Malaria blog: Didn't get there.
  • "row" through two one picture book with Jonathan (using Before Five in a Row): We did Goodnight Moon, which was a lot of fun, but that was it. We will try it again next month! 

Next month:

  • memorize the second half of Philippians 3.
  • read Numbers and Deuteronomy.
  • read The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason, in honor of our upcoming anniversary!
  • celebrate our 19th anniversary with a date out
  • go out with Janna (maybe on the day we go out for our Biola meeting?)
  • finish up portfolios, report cards, and records for this school year. 
  • blog on my paper organization journey and what I'm doing (goal: 7 posts)
  • start setting up the broad goals for school for the kids (e.g. scheduling, curriculum we will cover, breaks)
  • help Matthew blog twice on his Team Malaria blog

A short list this month, but I think I am needed to keep it simple. Thank You, Lord, that you know what I need and give me the space to rest. Please help me to have the faith to let go. In Jesus' name, Amen.