June's Mini Elephants

Time to review and look ahead again! May's Goals:

For marriage:

1. Read chapter 2 of What Did You Expect? and write three questions for discussion by May 23.

2. Pray over and discuss transition back into our home, possibly by the end of the month.

3. Pray over our children and next year's goals for them by the end of the month.  Will need a little more time, maybe during anniversary getaway.

4. Plan and prepare meal for Day with Jesus on May 19.

For family:

5. Planning for home: Consider my workflow in the home, organizational needs, and research options. Work out plans and specific projects for my recipe files, school files, and craft supplies by the end of the month.                                        Started, but not finished.

6. Bible study on money---prepare and research.

7. Enjoy one family Sabbath by the end of the month.         Sort of. Not exactly what I hoped, but better than last month.   

8. Develop Do Hard Things into a curriculum for my kids.      Finished reading book with Matthew. Plan for a Sunday school class instead.

9. Have one family over by the end of the month.

For school:

10. Janna: Brainstorm and write a preliminary business plan, finish chapters 2-4 in text.    Finished up to chapter 3, started 4.

11. Read our third Charles Dickens novel: TBD

12. Begin development of girls' study using Beautiful Girlhood.

13. Matthew: Finish WWII unit study

14. Read Miracles on Maple Hill.

15. Start keyboarding lessons.

16. Jonathan: Plan out 50 new activities for his school workboxes by the end of the month.         Have a list, but not anything final.

17. Write a unit study on creation.

18. Design block and art activity centers with 5- 10 activities.

19. Spend one day on my personal retreat (see below) writing and planning ahead for next academic year.

20. Read five chapters of Fine Motor Development in Children with Down Syndrome, one per week.

For me:

21. Get together with one mom by the end of the month.         Got together with 3 moms!

22. Write my journaling for my twelve pages, select pictures and layouts.     Started, but did not finish.

23. Read A Praying Life by Paul Miller and if time, The Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine.

24. Go on a personal retreat, May 14-17. One day for personal reflection, one day for school preparation, one day for Mom University development.

25. Pray over and decide on what to do about personal coaching by the end of the month: when, who, how long, how I will finance it.

For ministry:

26. Complete my Marriage 101 articles, six per week, by May 31.

27. Pray over and gather a "Mom Board" for Mom University. Share the vision with 10 moms.

28. Update my blog with a new look to celebrate my one year online: by the end of the month.

29. Work on my Facebook page for Mom University and post at least once a day. Develop a schedule.     Started, but did not keep up well. Try again!

30. Develop Mom University's specific ministry statement and purpose, along with a plan for expansion by the end of the month.

Writing and research:

31. Sacred Marriage journal: Completed three chapters. Work on two chapters per week till the end of the month.  

32. Outline the last few chapters of Raising Disciples by the end of the month.

33. Blog: Always in Session (discipleship at home series), 18 posts.


34. Memorize half of Ephesians 4 by the end of the month.

Okie dokie...on to this month!

June's Goals (due June 30 unless otherwise specified)

For marriage:

1. Read chapter 3 in What Did You Expect? by June 20.

2. Marriage getaway retreat to celebrate our 18th anniversary!

3. Plan and cook for Day with Jesus on June 23.

For family:

4. Move back home! Date TBD

5. Set up kitchen and office.

6. Finalize summer schedule of activities.

7. Bible study on money.

8. Family Sabbath one weekend.

For school:

9. Fill out year-end paperwork and report cards.

10. Write out next year's study plans for each child.

11. Start Pride and Prejudice with Janna.

12. Develop Beautiful Girlhood unit study.

13. Plan out Jonathan's 50 workboxes and activities.

14. Art and block stations---plan and set up.

15. Unit study for Jonathan: creation.

16. Read four more chapters on Fine Motor Development in Children with Down Syndrome.

17. Review Professor B math program with Jonathan and Matthew by July 16.

18. Review Apologia Who Is My Neighbor? by July 18.

19. Any other reviews for TOS Crew...

For me:

20. Finish the journaling for my 12 pages. With the move, I doubt I'll actually get the layouts done.  

21. Read Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney, and if time, Love Life by Ed Wheat.

22. Memorize the rest of Ephesians 4.

23. Finish Called 2 Shine virtual retreat recordings.

24. Get back to exercising again, 3-5 times per week.

25. Clean out my Earthlink mailbox!

26. Organize my bookmarks in my browser.

For website:

27. Plans for blog update: research the concept, what I envision, find a blog designer.

28. Make a posting schedule for my Facebook page and stick with it! One post minimum per day.

For ministry:

29. Mom University vision, purpose, etc. updated.

30. Mom University team: prayer and "test" moms.

31. Survey moms regarding mom's ministry needs.

32. Sketch out Do Hard Things class.


33. Outline of Raising Disciples: finish.

34. Blog: Summer activities and recipes posts, starting June 4 (16 posts). May continue into July.

I dedicate this month to you Lord. Thank You for your guidance and help in all that I have been able to do. There are a lot of big changes coming up this month. I pray that You will help me to discern what is most important and let go of the things that are not. I pray that I will be willing to sacrifice my plans for Your sake. In Jesus' name, Amen.