July Posting


Hi there blogland!

Just wanted to let those of you faithful readers know what's happening this month. This month, as is probably true for many of you, is going to be a jam-packed one, so my posting may be a bit more sporadic. Aside from the reviews that I have scheduled this month, you may not be hearing a whole lot from me. I am trying to schedule some posts in beforehand, mostly a little bit on what I am trying to process through this season of adoption. I hope that they will not only help me work through some of the things God is teaching me, but will also be a blessing to you.

I am also praying and working on ways to expand the reach of this blog. I am so not savvy in these things, so I'll be learning little by little. I have been writing for about 2 years now and have had to put my original plans for the site on hold for a little while (at least this year) while we adjust to having Anah in our family. I am trusting God that we will be coming out of the woods soon in terms of all this adjustment, so I am taking steps in faith.

Thanks to those of you who read faithfully. I never can tell who does and who doesn't or if I'm just talking to myself. I hope to learn how to have more interaction on the blog so I can minister where there are needs, not just listen to myself talk. This blog, like me, is a work in progress. Thankfully, there is God's grace for us both.

Have a wonderful summer!