I Will

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."--Joshua 24:15 Last night, my husband and I had the opportunity to go out for our date night. We had planned to watch the movie Courageous after going out for dinner. Wow! What a blessing! The movie really challenged both of us to look at and cherish the wonderful ministry we have right before our eyes in our own homes.

Although the movie was about the importance of fathers, I personally was reminded that we as mothers have an equally important role as well. Far from being the passive, submissive wife who cowers under her husband's shadow, I am to stand tall by my husband's side as he leads our family in the ways of Christ. Instead of nagging and complaining about how he is not leading our family, I can seek to find ways to manage our home so that we have the time to work on making this a priority in our family.

Raising children has never been an easy job. Although there are many single parents who do this job admirably on their own, God uses both a man and woman together to nurture children. There is something unique about each gender that reaches our children's hearts and brings them into maturity.

As I look at the direction our country is headed, the need for fathers and mothers to make the discipleship of their children a priority is not an option. It is essential if we desire to see our children have the strong roots of faith that we long for. Of all the things that we can leave behind after our days are over here on earth, it is men and women who have a love for God, His church and the people around them.

Too often, we get wrapped up in the world around us, becoming too much like the culture we live in. Our lives are filled with the busyness that keeps us from pouring into the lives of our children. Dear friends, this cannot be! Can we be satisfied with highly intelligent, socially savvy, yet spiritually bankrupt children? I would much rather sacrifice the luxuries of life in order that I may have the time and the opportunities to fill my children with the things that matter the most.

As Christian parents, we need to be training our children not only for this life but for the life that is to come. I know that I tend to be caught up with the things of this world. As we are house hunting, I have to remind myself that the best home is not the one with the greatest floor plan or square footage. The best home comes when my husband and I work together in partnership to create a home environment that nurtures our children's souls and nurtures their faith. If this is so, it really doesn't matter what house we live in.

This movie reminded me that my husband and I need to work to honor the Lord first and foremost in our personal lives, then in our marriage and then together as a team in our parenting. Will I rise to that challenge? Will you?

My favorite scene is the montage of images that accompanies the dads as they make their commitment to the Lord, alongside their wives and children. These words echo my heart's desire and I know that Dan and I will be working through these words to make them a reality in our family. Perhaps we will even have to write our own resolution to frame and hang up on our wall!

If you haven't seen the movie, I strongly encourage you to do so. And then I hope your family will also stand up and say, "I will" before the Lord. Our children need us to do so. Let's rise up and become the mighty army of God in our generation that will boldly stand up for Him and for our children's sake.

Date night idea:

  • Watch the movie (or if you miss it in the theaters, rent, borrow or purchase it when it becomes available), either as a couple or with a small group of your trusted friends.
  • Have dessert afterwards and talk about what your resolution would be. What would you write in it? If you cannot come up with your own, what is one resolution from the movie that resonates with you? Claim it as your own. You may wish to do as they did and type it out and frame it on your wall. (If the movie runs too long, you can do this on another date night!)
  • If you are doing this with a small group, break up as couples and discuss this question, then return to share your resolutions. Pray together as a couple. Or you can pray for one another in a small group setting.