New Series: A Mother's Hands, A Mother's Prayer

This week's posts are inspired by pictures I had taken for a scrapbook project a few years back. I wanted to create a book that celebrated the many ways I used my hands throughout the day. Then I read an article on a blog about a mom who saw the routine moments of her day as prayer reminders. Whatever she did for her family, she turned it into prayer. I thought I'd try the same! Each day starting tomorrow, I'm going to focus on one thing that moms usually do during their day or a role that they play in the life of the home and family. From that activity or role, I'll share a thought about how it might trigger a prayer for our loved ones. Give it a try yourself with the things that you do for your family! I hope you will find yourself drawing closer to God and help you find purpose and meaning in the work that you do around the home.

 Heavenly Father,

Thank You for blessing us with the gift of work. May our work turn our hearts towards you and inspire us to pray for those we love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

 Part 1 of series: A Mother's Hands, A Mother's Prayer