First Impressions: The Front Porch

When the idea for this series first came up, I admit that I was thinking of doing some kind of "spring cleaning" thing. As I think about it now, I don't think that's very practical for me at this point as I am not going to be doing any right now. So God is leading me into a new direction: taking each area of my home and thinking about what I'd like it communicate and therefore, what I'd like it to look like. I'll be using this blog to post my thoughts and reflections as well as my plans. I hope you'll have fun and bear with me. If you want, you can also work along with me in your own home or share your ideas. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment away!  This series is probably going to be a departure from my usual style, but the priority of home is so important to me. At the same time, I'll be able to work on getting ready to move back in!

Yesterday, as I wrote in my Gabby Moms review, I shared that one of the things I learned is that first impressions are important. If my home looks welcoming on the outside, or even in the entryway when people first come in, it will hopefully help others overlook the "clean dirt" on the inside (you'll have to read the post to find out what that is!).

Now I am not big on the exterior. I know that what looks fancy on the outside can cover up a lot inside, whether it be people or homes. With that said, however, I do believe that I can work on being presentable. I don't have to wear makeup every day, but I should shower and brush my hair! Likewise, with my home, I don't have to have immaculate landscaping, but I do want my home to look clean and tidy on the outside. Somehow, rusty tools and toys, weeds, and litter in my front yard just doesn't look appealing or welcoming to me. You know what I mean?

For us, one of the things we're going to do first is give our entire house a facelift by painting it and the trim a new tan color (mainly so the dirt that collects on our house isn't so noticeable!). Hopefully, the neutral colors will make it look more mature than our current colors! (We have been there over twelve years, so I think it's time for an update!)

Right now, our porch has nothing on it but a mat, the cheap kind that you find at Target. Very blah. Somehow, I want my porch to be simple yet communicate to those who visit (and even those who live here!) that they are welcome and wanted. Our porch is small, but I have always loved porches with some type of welcome sign on it. I think I'm addicted to welcome signs. That is the one thing I want those who come over to know. I think that is going to be my first project.

Another thing I like about some porches is that there is some living things on it, like a plant. Now, I'm not much of a green thumb, but I'd also like to have a small potted plant or arrangement of flowers. Maybe that's something I can do with my daughter. In fact, I might just even delegate that to her completely.  Flowers or plants give color and life. I like that. One day, it would be nice to even include some seasonal decor next to the sign, like a grouping of pumpkins for fall.

The last thing I want to include on our porch is a wreath on the front door. That really seems to add to the welcome feel of the house, as well as add some color and beauty. I'd like a sturdy all-purpose wreath, but something that is neutral enough that I can add some seasonal bows on for some color. I am so bad at remembering to change things, so it's probably best for me not to mess with seasonal wreaths (though they are very cute). I'd do well if I could even remember to change the ribbon!

So, my to do list for my front porch (with ideas I'm posting on my Pinterest Front Porch board): 1. Make a welcome sign. 2. Find some type of potted plant or work on a flower arrangement. 3. Find a neutral wreath for the front door.

Jesus says in Revelation 3:20 that he stands at the door and knocks. What would He find on mine? I hope that He will find the first impressions in my heart and our home a welcoming one.

I'm making my own Front Porch worksheet (very simple, nothing fancy or even pretty), with a place to write my purpose, plans, hopes, and tasks. I've also included a list of things to do to spiffy up the front porch. You can tweak it to work for you. As I go through the house, I am working on a list of cleaning tasks to keep things tidy.

Heavenly Father, may our homes may be a first glimpse of what You are like. May our arms be ever open to others, as Yours are, that others may know You through us.