Friday Findings #2

[box] One of my personal challenges in life is to keep learning and trying something new. This series is a documentary on some of the things I am learning, whether it be as a child of God, wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, friend. I invite you to learn along with me![/box] This week, little Jon and I delved into the art of crepe making. Have you tried it before? I did once and did not like how they turned out, so I was a bit reluctant to try again. However, Jon and I were reading one of my review products this week that took us to the country of France...and he was fascinated by the idea of...crepes.

It all started with watching a video from All Recipes:

[jwplayer mediaid="7411"]

We watched it because he asked me what crepes looked like. Afterwards, he kept asking me, "Can we make crepes?" I kept putting it off because, to be honest, I know that when Jonathan gets ideas, it's usually me that carries them out. He just likes to direct. Maybe that was what I was trying to avoid.

Well, his persistence paid off. We then looked through this list of crepe fillings from the World of Crepes website; he settled on the blueberry sauce. Unfortunately, when we got to the grocery store, the frozen blueberries were $2 more per bag (so I'm cheap), so we went for a mixed berry flavor instead.

I used this basic crepe recipe from the AllRecipes website. (It's not exactly the same as the one in the video though.) I didn't have a crepe pan, but I had a 9" skillet. Good enough!

So I am not going to have dolled up pictures of pretty food. I'm going to give it to you straight, even if it isn't pin-worthy. Just trying to keep it real here, okay?

What I learned:

  • Use a blender to make the batter. It turns out nice and smooth. At first, we just mixed it in the bowl, but it was lumpy.


Using a blender took care of that problem. (Or a hand/stand mixer can do the job too. You just want to get the lumps out.) The second perk with the blender is that it made it easy to pour into my 1/4 cup measure.


  • I had read in another recipe that it is best to refrigerate it for 30 minutes before using it, so I made it before starting dinner.
  • Before cooking the crepes, have a small container of melted butter, a brush, a spatula, and a 1/4 cup measure next to you. It also helps to have a timer.
  • If you're not eating them right away, then lay the crepes on a wire rack to cool, then stack them up individually between sheets of waxed paper. I didn't let them cool. I just stacked them and they were a bit soggy. It didn't stop us from enjoying them, but I think it would have been better. Doesn't it look pretty? (The other side didn't turn out as nice, but I used it for the inside.)


  • For a 9" pan, 1/4 cup batter was just right. I tried just 3 Tbsp. at first and it did not cover the pan, so it looked like this:


  • Move quickly after pouring the batter in. Lift the pan up off the heat, pour batter in and swirl quickly. My son tried to take a picture for me, but it didn't turn out so great.


  • There are a couple ways to serve crepes. You can fold them into fourths and put the sauce over it. The video above shows a crepe folded in half.



You can also put the filling in and roll it up.


I think I like the first one better. The berries look so pretty, it's a shame to hide them! Maybe the rolled version is better for the creams and mousses.

  • This wasn't really a little kid-friendly recipe to make unless your kids are old enough to work on the stove. As it was, I did most of the work. Jonathan did help some in the beginning, I let him put together his own crepe.


  • Give yourself time to make the crepes. It took me about half an hour to figure out what I was doing and make eight crepes. But then again, I was also trying to eat dinner in between flips.
  • They really weren't that hard. And it was very satisfying to see them cook up and brown so beautifully.

Want to learn more? I found these websites and pages helpful:

  • World of Crepes
  • Crepe fillings: Taste of Home, The Kitchn. Google "crepe fillings" for other options!
  • How to fold crepes
  • Can you freeze crepes? Yes, you can! Make them ahead of time for lunches or snacks!
  • Have a DIY crepe bar! A great idea for a ladies tea, a bridal shower or baby shower! This post from Your Homebased Mom details what was in her crepe bar: bowls of fresh berries, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, canned whipped cream, nutella, sliced bananas, lemon curd, and sprinkles. She also includes recipes for the crepes, as well as the white chocolate mousse and cream cheese mousse!
  • If you want a really nice thin crepe, try using a crepe spreader. What's that, you ask? Check this 24 second video out:

[jwplayer mediaid="7416"]

  • And if you really want to go to town, check out this page for some reviews on crepe pans.


For a smile like this, I think it was worth it, even though I did have to do most of the work.

After this, I think I'm going to try making more of these in bulk, freezing them, and having them on hand for some lunches in the future. Lunch always seems like such a hard meal in our home. It's always the same old thing or if I want to do something different, it takes too long. I think I'll give it a try and see how it turns out!

Thanks for joining me for this week's Friday Findings!