Just For Fun Friday: Dare

Not only do I enjoy blogging, I love to read other blogs as well. With the start of the new year, I came upon a challenge in several blogs to have one word to focus on all year. As I considered this idea, I asked the Lord if He had a word for me this year. Not surprisingly, He did. The word: DARE. I don't consider myself a daring person. I rather like my comfort zone, thank you very much. Like most people, if I don't have to put myself out there, so much the better. I am not one who thrives on risk-taking. Maybe you might say I even border on being a scaredy cat.

As I pondered this word, I considered where He has been taking me last year and all that was coming up for me in the year to come. A year ago, this website was nothing more than a domain name and hosting that I had purchased. It laid dormant for six months because I was too scared to start putting up my thoughts. A year ago, I had absolutely no idea that we would be adding another child to our family through adoption. A year ago, I didn't know of the health issues I would be dealing with. Whether or not I want to or not, He is pushing (or is it kicking?) me out of my little nest of security.

Looking ahead then, I sense that the Lord is calling me out into a new adventure, one that is going to stretch me and tax me in ways that I cannot see right now. But the challenge He is issuing me is this: Will I dare to trust Him in all the ups and downs, the turns and the unknowns?

This year, as I look ahead, I asked the Lord what areas He wants me to trust Him in. Not in any particular order, and probably not in only these ways, He is daring me:

  • to follow Him into my places of fear
  • to believe in Him and not trust in my own abilities
  • to speak up boldly as He leads me
  • to die to myself so that others may benefit
  • to face the things that I fear
  • to dream big dreams.

These are the things that first came to mind, the things that I feel "stuck" in. I am sure that by no means I will have conquered all these things, but as I keep praying I am trusting that He will guide me into the ways of life and not death. I am trusting that He is not asking me to dare just simply to be daring but to grow my faith to the next level.

How about you? Is there a word that the Lord is giving you this year? I encourage you to let Him speak that word into your life and watch Him flesh it out in the year to come.

Credit: Shabby Spring quick page by Verena Karolyi Designs