Book Club: Journeys of Faithfulness

journeys I love to read. (Can you tell?) Many times, I would finish a book and think, I just have to share this with someone! However, most of the time I just put it back on my bookcase, and I end up being the only one who benefits from it. Even then, I forget what I have read or fail to really interact with the book because I am not processing it.

This quarter, I have the privilege of meeting with my daughter and a few of her friends. I have never led a small group for high schoolers before so I feel a bit old. And yet, I count myself truly blessed with this opportunity to meet with these beautiful young ladies and pour into their lives over the next few months. We will be working through Sarah Clarkson's Journeys of Faithfulness, one of the books I keep mentioning in various posts over the past year. (Here's my review of the book for the Schoolhouse Crew.)

Each week, over the next twelve weeks, I plan to post a reflection on each week's chapter highlighting a key concept or point. I invite you to share your thoughts and insights as you are led. I truly would love to hear from you. Whether you are able to join me now or in the future, I invite you to take the time to put into words the thoughts that come to mind. Even if you haven't read the book, I hope the excerpts and reflections shared will provide you with some food for thought. Along with the reflection, I will include a mother-daughter topic for discussion, should you wish to use this book as a discipleship tool with your own daughter.

If you have a young teen daughter, I highly recommend grabbing a copy. Even if your daughters are young, I encourage you to consider reading this in advance in preparation for the future. I wish I did, but I am glad that I have the opportunity now, even as my daughter is on the verge of moving into the next stage of her life. It's never too late. If you do not have a daughter or your daughters are grown, this is a wonderful book to go through if you disciple or mentor young women. I have even found it challenging for me as a mom. This does not deal specifically with teen issues but heart issues, and we can all learn something! I know that there will be some future posts that are going to really stretch me to write.

So, are you ready? I hope you'll join me as we journey with our Savior and walk with women who have lived faithfully.

PS. Just to let you know, I am doing this on my own and am not endorsed or paid by the author.

If you'd like to join us, you can pick up your own copy from the Whole Heart store or from Amazon (especially if you're interested in the Kindle version). Check out this page for the schedule!