Beauty from the Inside Out: The Bathroom

"Be still and know that I am God."--Psalm 46:10 If you're like many moms, the bathroom is often the one place where you can escape for a little privacy. (Although I must admit that when they were young, my kids did not honor that! Sigh.) If you've read the children's picture book Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy, you know what I mean! If you haven't read it, I'm sure it will give you a chuckle. Most moms I know completely identify with Mrs. Large!

As I tour our home, the bath is probably the last room I think of. What can I write about it? To be honest, I have never really thought of my bathroom beyond it's utilitarian function. We don't live in the bathroom. In fact, I try to spend as little time in the bathroom as I can, for who knows what kind of mischief can happen during those few moments! As long as it is neat and sanitary, I didn't really give it much consideration. But now that we are actually going to have a master bathroom...

For me personally, I'm not much of a soak-in-the-tub kind of person. I guess it is not something that I find relaxing, so I'm not too sad that we only have a stand-up shower. It will serve its purpose for me.

But I also know that it is in the bathroom that I have the luxury of uninterrupted time (at least in the early hours when I shower). Somehow, in the routine of preparing for the day, or maybe it's the warm water from the shower that relaxes me, the Lord speaks the most clearly. How many times there have been when an idea for a post or my upcoming class pops into my mind and there is no where to write it down! (Note to self: Keep a notebook and pen in the bathroom!) It is also in this room that He equips me to face the day ahead.

So aside from the standard use of the bathroom, I would like it to be a place where I can meet with God. Strange? Maybe. But for a busy mom with not much time to herself, it may be the only way.

We got the idea for our previous bathroom while we were vacationing in Hawaii one year. It was the fall right before Jonathan was due and Dan had just finished replacing the countertops and flooring and painted it with a fresh coat of paint. As Hawaii is one of the most restful places we have ever been, we wanted to bring some of it home with us. We put koa wood pieces up, a picture frame, a clock, and designed our own decor using photos we took. On the photos, we had Psalm 46:10 written on with a photo editing program.

This is one way that we can glorify and honor the Lord, even in the most humble of places. I hope to keep God's Word up in the bathroom, either with a Scripture calendar, artwork, photos, or other pieces. A magazine rack with a Bible or magazines may also help to feed my mind. A waterproof mp3 player can feed in worship music or be a way I can listen to audio recordings. Make the most of these times alone!

Often times, we think that the only way we can be fed from the Lord is by sitting down in front of a Bible. But I know that usually it is in my bathroom that it is the quietest place and I am alone for more than 5 minutes when I am getting ready for the day. Why not make the most of it by including things in it that will help usher me into the day?

In addition to being a place to get ready for the day, I want to keep important supplies like our first aid kit, up-to-date medications and guest toiletries available in the bathroom. These will help care for our family and guests' special needs, but I don't need them in our main living space.

I would like our kids' bathroom to be neat and organized. With eventually four kids sharing the small space, we will need to find ways to maximize the bathroom without it looking cluttered. Now that we have our own bathroom, they will probably not use ours as often. I will need to work on a system so that they will know how to routinely clean the sink, toilet, floors and tub as well as re-stock with necessary supplies. Their bathroom will also be the bathroom all visitors will use, so it will definitely need to be tidy!

Paul reminds us that sometimes it is the weaker parts of the body that are indispensible (1 Cor. 12:22). So it is with the humble bathroom. As we dress, groom and prepare ourselves for the day, I pray that this little part of the home will also be a place where we put on His presence and His grace to minister to my loved ones.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gifts of modern plumbing and the luxury that we enjoy. May these private spaces be a place where we not only prepare ourselves for the day, but where we also find a respite in the midst of it. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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