August's Mini Elephants

Well, this month flew by! Not much of my list got done this month, that's for sure! But such is life, right? I might not have been able to get a lot of my list done, but we did get in some important things: enjoying a week at family camp, attending our church's retreat, squeezing in a few days of school, starting my homeschool curricula reviews, and finally...moving back into our house! Our adoption process is also moving along very quickly and as of the end of last month, we have received our travel approval. We will need to be in China by mid-September so we can receive Anah on September 17 (48 days away!).

So, let's see what is still left...

July 2012 Goals

For marriage:

1. Read chapter 4 in What Did You Expect? by July ___.

2. Work with my husband to transition back into our home by mid-July.

For family:

3. Move back home by mid-July.

4. Set up kitchen and office. HALF DONE WITH OFFICE

5. Bible study on money.

6. Family Sabbath July 28.

7. Dates with each of the kids by end of the month.

For school:

8. Half-days of school this month.

9. Unit study for Jonathan: creation.

10. Finish Fine Motor Development in Children with Down Syndrome.

11. Work on reviews for TOS Crew.

For me:

12. Finish the journaling for my 12 pages.

13. Read Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally.  Also read Clutter Rehab by

14. Memorize half of Ephesians 5.

15. Finish Called 2 Shine virtual retreat recordings.

16. Get back to exercising again, 3-5 times per week.

17. Clean out my Earthlink mailbox!

18. Organize my bookmarks in my browser.

For website:

19. Plans for blog update: research the concept, what I envision, find a blog designer.

20. Make a posting schedule for my Facebook page and stick with it! One post minimum per day.

For ministry:

21. Mom University vision, purpose, etc. updated.

22. Mom University team: prayer and "test" moms.

23. Survey moms regarding mom's ministry needs.

24. Sketch out Do Hard Things class.


25. Outline of Raising Disciples: finish.

26. Blog: Light schedule this month---Ephesians.

Oh well.

This month, with our closely approaching "due date" I have decided to suspend most of these other goals until the dust settles (and for us, that is a literal goal as well as a metaphorical one!). This month's list is going to be a pretty short one:

1. Keep having date nights every Wednesday with my husband.

2. Dates with each of my children. I really need to do this one.

3. Go through the boxes in the garage and purge, sort, and organize.

4. Prepare ourselves for Anah's arrival into the family, starting with a family Sabbath and extended time with the Lord: August 4.

5. Attend bridal showers and weddings.

6. Memorize the rest of Ephesians 5.

7. Read at least one book, TBD.

8. Continue testing and writing reviews for Schoolhouse Crew.

9. Meet with moms at church one Sunday, by end of month.

10. Blog as I can, at least 2 times per week.

11. Catch up on health appointments for myself and the kids.

This month, I am going to cut myself some slack and, with the exception of the review posts, take a break from posting in August. I hope you'll agree that this is probably the best thing for me to do right now. But never fear! I am planning to continue posting, especially during our adoption trip. My hope is that in September, you'll get to "travel" with us through the blog.

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for all that has happened in July. I am in awe at what you've done so far with our home, with the adoption process, with our family. Thank You for your grace that allows us space to catch up, to take a break, to breathe. May these days be filled not only with much progress, but with Your presence. Show us how to make the best use of our time, that we may glorify You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Signing off for now. I'll still be around, but you may not hear from me much this month. Thanks for sticking with me!