April's Mini Elephants

Well, let's see how I did last month, shall we? Here's the list... March's Goals:

For my marriage:

1. Read chapter 1 of Paul Tripp's What Did You Expect? (we finally finished Love and War! Woohoo!) (On the schedule for next month.)

2. Plan next quarter's dates

3. Work out details for house and financial plans---have a purpose and vision for each room/area to help guide our purchasing decisions. (Next month.)

4. Plan menu for March 31 Day with Jesus.

For kids:

5. Janna---Pray and dream about a business. (Started, but didn't get far.)

6. Go out for one fun date.  

7. Matthew---Start World War II study.

8. Re-establish our Friday night dates, now that basketball season is over.

9. Jonathan---Teach him how to set the table.

10. Cook with him one day. (Too broad a goal. Not specific enough.)

For family:

11. Learn about Chinese history, in coordination with our field trip to see the Terra Cotta soldiers exhibit. 

12. Have two families over for dinner.

For me:

13. Go out with a girlfriend. (Didn't do it this month, but I am making up for it next month with at least 3 different get togethers over spring break!)

14. Read Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson.

15. Scrapbook pages I didn't do last month. (This is hard to do with limited supplies and a slow computer. I will need to change this.)

For school:

16. Write United States Government course for Janna. (Spring break project.)

17. Write English Literature course for Janna on Victorian era literature. (Ditto #16)

18. Read A Tale of Two Cities.

19. Create unit study on World War II for Matthew.

20. Plan Jonathan's body unit: purpose, books, activities, Bible lessons. (Changing my focus. See below.)

For ministry:

20. Complete Marriage 101 website pages up through Session 10. (Hmmm...everything is slated for spring break. )

21. Set up coaching materials for scheduling program. (Try again. Talk it out with a friend.)

Writing goals:

22. Begin sketching out Ephesians Bible study. (Finished study, will need to outline.)

23. Finish Sacred Marriage journal questions. (Way behind. Will switch to June, in honor of our anniversary instead.)

Okay, so maybe I was ambitious last month. No harm in that. But I also did do things that were not on the list:

  • Met with other adoptive parents to pray and support each other.
  • Helped Janna prepare for her missions trip this week.
  • Read a second book, Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll.
  • Wrote out a large part of my Sacred Rhythms class through the blog.
  • Learned how to make homemade microwave popcorn.
  • Went through about 15-18 boxes of stuff and threw out 4 large garbage bags worth of unnecessary papers and memorabilia.

That should make up for some of the things I didn't do, right? (Smiley face?) What I am learning about goal setting is that I need to set a date (I think I mentioned that in my post but didn't do it...now you can see what happens when we don't!). If it doesn't have a deadline, I don't do it. (Or forget.) So this month, I'm going to actually right some dates down and see if that helps. (Gotta figure out something that works!)

I am also giving myself permission to change things if what I started with is no longer applicable. I can do that. I just don't want to do it all the time. Otherwise that defeats the purpose of making goals. But once in a while is okay.

Okay, so I'm ready to set my goals for next month. Fortunately, we have 3 weeks of spring break (homeschooling perk!) and am hoping to get caught up on some of my unfinished projects. So here are...

April's Goals:

For marriage:

1. Reading chapter 1 of What Did You Expect? (We have a date to discuss this April 25. I am planning to read it the week of April 11 when my husband is out of town.)

2. Financial decisions discussion (scheduled for April 18)

For kids:

3. Play dates for each child with a friend this month during spring break. (Jon: April 3, Matthew: April 5-6 birthday sleepover with friends, Janna: TBD)

For family:

4. Holy week (week before Easter) activities as a family.

5. One family over for dinner, April 28 or 29.

For school: Complete all these by April 16.

6. Janna: Write the business course syllabus in detail, buy Micro Business for Teens curriculum, all by April 16.

7. Jonathan: Switching to and helping him to learn how to use workbox system of sorts while I teach Matthew so he can also be "doing school".

8. Matthew: Write out specific topics for notebook pages.

For me:

9. Get together with at least 3 moms this month, over spring break.

10. Work through sessions 1-3 of my Twelve scrapbook course, going through the email assignments for January, making a list of 12 pages to make, one per category. Finish by April 30.

11. Read Homeschooling at the Speed of Life and The Hunger Games (gotta see what the hype is all about!).

For ministry:

12. Finish sessions 11 and 12 of For Better or Best class by April 22. Most importantly, I want to finish well.

13. Complete articles for Marriage 101, sessions 1-12, 3 extras minimum per session (36 pages) by April 30.

14. Email all the moms in my class personally by the end of April.

15. Write out plans for a moms' coaching ministry by April 30 so I can start piloting it in May.

16. Prepare workshop and speak at Parenting Conference, April 21.

Writing and research:

17. Write out Ephesians Bible study by April 30.

18. Sacred Marriage journal, work through half of chapters. (I'm going to keep at this goal until it gets done! I will split it in half and work on it through May.)

19. For May newsletter: Psalm 127, homemaking ideas into ebook, marriage communication ebook (excerpts from class), raising girls

20. For blog: Spring Cleaning series.


21. Take kids' annual photos, April 12.

22. Clean out at least another 15 boxes by April 30.

23. Finish memorizing up to Ephesians 3. (Almost there!)

May You bless the work of my hands, Father. I submit these goals and plans to You. Give me the discernment to know what are the more important things and what is not. May all I do ultimately glorify You. In Jesus' name, Amen.