Anniversary Thoughts

Enjoying an evening out at Newport Beach Today is our 19th anniversary. And what a year it has been!

I've been reading The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason this month and something I read really resonated with me. This is what he writes:

"One thing that is very important to know in marriage is that there is always a way out. And the way out is not divorce! No, the way out in marriage (no matter how bad things may get) is simply to put everything we have back on the line; our whole hearts and lives, just as we did the moment we took our vows. We must return to an attitude of total abandonment, of throwing all our natural caution and defensiveness to the winds and putting ourselves entirely in the hands of love by an act of the will. Instead of falling into love, we may now have to march into it." (p. 95)

To be honest, this is how it has felt over the past year since Anah joined us. There have been times when I felt very resentful toward my husband for leading our family into this adoption journey. I have fumed and ranted, internally and verbally, and in general, been very childish. I blamed him for the mess I felt we were in.

And yet, to his credit, my husband has kept persevering and pursuing me. I am sure that there are many times when he has had to "march into" love, but he has. By the grace of God, he has stuck by my side and has kept serving me and our family, often at great cost to himself. I am sure that it is his vows that he made to me that has kept him faithful to our marriage, even in the midst of the struggles that we face today.

I am so thankful for a husband that seeks after the Lord and models for me the love of Christ for His bride. It is challenging me to think about my own vows that I have made. Mike Mason also writes, "The vow is a mystery, an insoluble riddle, which somehow corrects and shames him at the same time as it picks him up and spurs him on to higher things."

Thank you, Daniel, for being true to your vows. Your example of faithfulness has corrected me, shamed me, and yet also picked me up and spurred me on to higher things. I pray that God will teach me how to be true to my word as you have been to yours. Happy anniversary!