A Snippet of Life

I've always enjoyed reading posts/articles where the writer shares her responses using a list of question starters. It always gives a fun snippet of the personality of the writer and a glimpse into her life at this moment in time. I found this list and used it as an inspiration for this post...just for fun. I think it will be a good way for me  to stop and look at what is going on in my life every now and then instead of just running from one thing to the next. I know that one day, I'm going to like looking back at these entries and remembering these days. Cherish the moments, moms.  This day won't come back again. In my life this week: We started our 5th week of school, went to the aquarium as a family field trip, Matthew started volleyball season again (well, that was last week), welcomed my parents from the Bay Area (they're staying for the week). I'm looking forward to speaking at MOPS on the topic of "Blessing Your Husband" this Friday and a 24-hour getaway with my husband Friday to Saturday night to talk about what's coming up for the future for us, and doing our favorite thing--making plans!

In our homeschool this week: We're still studying the Civil War (Matthew and I are enjoying it so much we can't stop!), finished reading Gods and Generals and are now starting The Last Full Measure (3rd in the Shaara series), learning about the Reconstruction Era, exploring the periodic table with Janna in chemistry, and thoroughly enjoying Jonathan's delight in cutting, gluing and coloring. I love homeschooling!

Things I'm working on: My talk for MOPS on Friday, taking care of meals when we are gone for the weekend, figuring out what to write for this blog for the rest of the week, and making a list of things I want to do with the kids when we take a break from school in a couple of weeks.

I'm reading: Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice by Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson, and for fun, Anne of Green Gables (my favorite orphan story).

I'm cooking: Slow-Cooked Asian (soy sauce/ginger/garlic) Chicken over rice for dinner. Got it ready last night, popped it in the crock pot this morning and when we got back from the aquarium, it is ready! Gotta love it!

I'm grateful for: How God has been uniting, healing and growing my marriage; hearing my children speak kindly to each other and watching them play together; good friends who homeschool; how God is stretching and pushing me in so many ways.

I'm praying for: His strength and endurance to keep pushing forward with the adoption, clearance on one part of my medical report (praying that it is nothing serious), God's wisdom in planning and guiding the kids through their school year; a couples' retreat Dan and I will be leading in November---the first big ministry we've done together in a long time.

If you were to answer these questions, what would you say? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!