A Look Back at 2012

So yesterday I evaluated last month. How did it look over the course of the year? According to my Jan. 2, 2012 post last year, these were the goals for 2012... Priority one: my relationship with God.

Goal: Spend one 4-5 hour extended time with the Lord every month, sometime in 3rd week of every month, in addition to my daily time of prayer and Bible intake.

Reality: I think this happened about 90% of the year, and for about 3 hours during my extended time. My daily times were pretty well established and I enjoyed my study.

Priority two: my relationship with my husband.

Goal: In addition to our date nights, be open to serving with my husband in another marriage retreat or ministry at least once, if not twice, before the end of the year.

Reality: We did serve together in a retreat to young engaged couples back in February. We are planning to do this again in just a couple weeks again, with the same couples...now married!

Priority three: my relationship with my children.

Goals: Design unit studies so we can learn as a family. One unit every other month, starting in February, topics: art appreciation, chemistry, music appreciation, nutrition, and first aid (topics subject to change). Enjoy one-on-one time with each child, 15-60 minutes per week, depending on child.

Reality: No unit studies as a family as I wished. I am spending more time one-on-one with each of my kids as part of their school day, but not much outside of that.

Priority four: personal care and development Goals: Take a scrapbook class and create at least one page per month. Read one book per month.(same goal as last year. I actually read 18 books because I made a goal!) Get 7 hours sleep at least 5 times per week. (based on a conviction the Lord impressed on my heart during my time of solitude) Lose 30 lbs. by end of June. (for health reasons and because I'm tired of lugging extra weight around)

Reality: No scrapbook pages besides the digital ones I made for the blog this year. I did read every book I planned to read plus another 10 more and novels too! Sleeping has been getting better since I've been exhausted at the end of the day since Anah came home. But the weight loss is still not happening.

Priority five: my home Goals: Declutter my house by 30-50%, specifically papers, craft supplies and garage, by the end of the year.

Reality: I did clear out about 30-40% of our stuff, thanks to our remodel. I did get everything out of the garage, which is my biggest accomplishment!

Priority six: ministry to mothers Goals: Teach one church school class this year. Build my blog by 3-5 posts per week minimum.

Reality: I was able to teach one church school class plus one workshop for our church. Blogging went well for the first 7 months, but tapered down as we moved back home, traveled to China and adjusted to our new adopted daughter. I am thankful for what I was able to write!

Priority seven: work Goals: Complete 101 courses for Mom University by the end of the year: Living Inside Out, For Better or Best, Raising Disciples, Homemaking 101 class, Homeschooling 101 class Build a store at Mom University by the end of the year.

Reality: None of this happened. Perhaps it is life has changed in a way that I could not have foreseen. I still hope to create classes for Mom University, but I am realizing that it may not be what I had envisioned last year. More on this tomorrow!

There were some things that we were able to do this year that weren't on my list:

  • Complete the adoption process, bring our whole family to China...debt free!

  • Begin homeschooling Jonathan preschool.
  • Served as a product reviewer for Eternal Encouragement magazine and The Old Schoolhouse--totally unexpected but a huge blessing!

Considering all that has happened this year, I thank God for all He has helped me to do. For the things that I didn't accomplish, there's always next year! Stay tuned tomorrow for my new year's goals!