2014 Valentines (Part Two)

Okay. Here's another Valentine for you. Jonathan and I were looking through Pinterest, and he immediately honed in on this one from Desert Chica. I followed her directions (generally) and ended up with this Valentine. finished Jon1Like it? It was pretty easy to make. Here's what I learned in the process!

The supply list is pretty simple:

  • One kid--you can dress in costume, or simply dark shirt. You'll only see the top anyway.
  • Pixie Stix (sorry, no photo, but I got ours at our local Dollar Tree, 35 sticks for $1, found in the general candy aisle)
  • Digital camera
  • PicMonkey photo editing program--I used the free program only. Or if you're good at Photoshop or any other photo editing program, go right ahead. The directions below are for PicMonkey.
  • White cardstock
  • Paper trimmer or scissors
  • Xacto knife and protective surface (like a cork bulletin board)
  • Scotch tape

The first thing we did was take a picture:



Choose a background that is uncluttered. Ours is the back wall of our house. We took about four shots and settled on this one. One thing I tried to do was to position his hands so that when a Pixie Stix is inserted, it looks like it would come out at a realistic angle and not cover his face or go off the side. Mentally pretend there is a light saber coming out before snapping the photo. We chose this one because of the little smirk on his face.

Upload the photo onto your computer, and then open up PicMonkey.com.

On the top bar, choose "Edit." When it says "Choose photo to edit" click "Computer" (or other source if you prefer), and select your photo. When prompted to choose a file size, I chose "Jack" (the smallest size). On the left side of your screen should be your options. Choose Basic Edits and "Crop". In the drop down box where it starts out saying "No fixed proportions," change it to "4x5".


A grid will show up in that size. Drag it over your photo until you like what is inside the grid. Then click the green "Apply" button on the left side.


Next, click the little wand for the Effects menu:


Now, just so you know, the original post uses some of the paid features. Being the cheap person I am, I stuck with the free stuff only. I used the first three only. "Orton" makes your photo a little fuzzy on the edges. (Sorry about the photo quality.) You can play around with the sliders until you get the effect you wanted, but as I want to do this as quickly as possible, I just left it as it was and clicked "Apply".


Next, I clicked "Cross Process." I then selected the blue tint. You can play around and see which you like better: green, blue, or red. This is what it looks like now with both those effects. Click "Apply" when you are happy with the results.


The last free effect is "Dusk." This gives it a bit of a old-fashioned look. You can again play with the slider till you get the effect you want. This is what it looks like without any adjustment.


Next, I added a comic bubble. Go to the left side again and find the "Overlays" (butterfly). You will need to scroll down until you see "Comic Bubbles."


Select the one you like. I liked the one with a zigzag edge, as it fit our theme best. Using the circles in the corner, drag until you get the size you want,then position it in place.


The last step is to add the text. On the left side of your workspace, look for the "Text" option and click that. It should give you a list of fonts.


Find a text you like (I used "Luckiest Guy"), click "Add Text" button, and then type it in the box that appears. I was in a hurry and not very creative, so I just wrote "May the Force Be With You." You can write whatever you like. I had to write it in two lines so that it fit in the bubble and then centered it (use the button on the box that pops up). Move your text into place by dragging. Again, use the resizing circles in the corners to make it fill your bubble.



You can add additional text as I did on the bottom, just repeating the above steps. Our finished valentine looked like this:

Star Wars Jon

When you are satisfied, click "Save" or right-click and save to your computer. I had better luck doing the latter.


I then put four of them to a page. You can use your word editing program and resize to fit as needed.

jon15Then print it out on your white card stock and cut them apart.

Cut a slit using the exacto knife around the curve of the hand. (Sorry I don't have a photo of this.) Use a protective surface underneath so you don't harm your furniture. Insert the Pixie Stix into the slit. Adjust to fit. I added a piece of tape on the back to keep it from shifting.

Ta-da! You're all done! Hope you'll be able to use it to make your own unique Valentines this year!