Session 9: Little Foxes, Fighting Fair and Forgiveness

March 25, 2012

Conflict: it's inevitable, as long as we are here on this side of eternity. However, today, I hope that this session will give you some tools and ideas to help you to make the most of these disagreements and difficult seasons that come in every marriage. We will talk about three different types of conflict, though I am sure there can be more. But my prayer is that you will begin to see that there are different approaches to dealing with conflict. Looking back, the Lord has shown me how much I need to pray over any issue that plagues our marriage. I have sensed that this is not a satisfactory option for some of you, as it seems to be very passive. I have also thought this. But it is probably more a reflection on what we believe about prayer than anything else. And yet, it is through our faithful, fervent, thoughtful and consistent prayers that healing comes. And if you cannot bring yourself to pray, at least bring yourself before God. Let Him in to your pains, hurts and anger. He is more than able to handle it all and help you navigate through these stormy waters.

Before you begin, I encourage you to write down on your handout some of the things that you and your husband are either currently wrestling with or have had conflict over in the past. Having these in mind, consider which type of conflict you may be dealing with, and prayerfully consider some of the options you have in working through them to the glory of God.

  • Session 9 audio
  • Session 9 notes (pdf). I am noticing that while I follow the outline in general, these notes contain far more than I am actually able to say in class. I may need to turn this into a book...haha! If you want the short version, listen to the audio. =)
  • Session 9 handout (pdf)