Session 8: Say What? Communication Basics

March 11, 2012

As women, we are generally known for our relational bent and propensity to talk. While this may not be true of everyone, we all need to communicate. The question is, are we just talking or are we really communicating? Join in as we begin a two-week discussion on communication. We'll cover the second half on dealing with conflict on March 25, in two weeks. (No class next week!)

  • Session 8 audio. Here's the file to download or you can listen to it on the player below. There is a pause for you to consider an issue that the Lord may want to address in your life. Take some time to think of an issue, and keep it in mind through the rest of the session.
  • Session 8 notes (pdf). Here's the notes I wrote up. I switched the order on some things and had to cut out some sections entirely. We didn't get to the abiding prayer activity...I'm planning to do that at another time instead of rushing through it. You can read the uncut version if you want the whole thing. =)
  • Session 8 handout (pdf). Before the message, I had small groups of moms go through some of these passages in groups. Each group has one communication principle. The goal was to find the common threads and summarize it. If you have the chance to go through these, they are full of solid biblical advice. If you really want to challenge yourself, try to do it before you listen and see if you came up with similar conclusions.  My apologies if there are typos in there. If a verse seems misplaced, it may be because of that.