Session 6: Mixing Marriage and Motherhood

February 26, 2012

Hey there moms! Here we are, midway through our course for the semester! Like I had mentioned in class, I hope that you are not feeling the weight of guilt or burden of falling short. All that I share each week is what I believe God wants to pour out onto you, His precious daughter, so that you can experience and begin to enjoy the fruits of the blessings He intended for us in marriage. And kids are definitely one of those fruits! Tune in this week to see how we can make our marriages a priority in the busy child-rearing years.

Just to warn you, this weeks audio is actually a retake. When I looked at the recorder at the end of class, I had found that only 5 minutes were recorded! I had to pretend that I was standing in front of the class and talk into the player, so that's why I sound a little different. =)

If you want to read my notes, of which this talk is a summary, you can find it below. I have way too much to say every week. Maybe I'll have to turn this into a book of its own. If that's the case, you get a preview!  How cool is that?