Session 10: Spiritual Leadership. From a Guy's Point of View

April 1, 2012

To mix things up a bit, I thought I'd let my husband, Dan, have a chance to share too. You've been hearing from me all these weeks. Now he'll get a chance to share. Based on the majority of questions that he received, his discussion will explore the process of growing in spiritual leadership. His answers may surprise you, but I alsoknow that these are the very same things that we have had to discuss in our own marriage and work through, individually and together. I had to take notes too! =) FYI: There are no handouts today, just the audio. The audio runs 53 minutes. If you hear silence he may be answering questions or waiting for a response.

  • Session 10 audio


  1. NO CLASS next Sunday. Enjoy Easter with your family!
  2. Two more weeks of class left! I encourage you to come to our next class in person, as the importance will be in the time in class, not the lecture. Thanks!