Session 12: Leaving a Legacy

April 22, 2012

Here we are at our last class! We wrap up the series with a bit of a review and a challenge to leave a legacy that outlasts us and can potentially impact people we will never know.

Thank you for the honor of sharing my heart and my thoughts with you. May God bless you and your husband with many years of love and legacy that lasts.

Any questions, thoughts or feedback please contact me at

Session 11: Pulling It All Together

April 15, 2012

This morning's audio is a short one because we had some extended time with the Lord. I know that I have shared a lot of things with you over the past few months, and I trust that the Lord has blessed you during our class time. But often times, we will hear many messages, but because of the sheer volume of information, we don't have time to sift through it and sort it out. This morning is a chance for you to do that. So pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee or soda, and give the Lord half an hour to share His heart with you. He knows where you are in your marriage. He knows what's going on. I pray that as you do so, the Lord will highlight for you something to act on. Next week is our last class! Let's finish well!  Here is the audio for the class--it's short today, only about 15 minutes

Session 10: Spiritual Leadership. From a Guy's Point of View

April 1, 2012

To mix things up a bit, I thought I'd let my husband, Dan, have a chance to share too. You've been hearing from me all these weeks. Now he'll get a chance to share. Based on the majority of questions that he received, his discussion will explore the process of growing in spiritual leadership. His answers may surprise you, but I alsoknow that these are the very same things that we have had to discuss in our own marriage and work through, individually and together. I had to take notes too! =) FYI: There are no handouts today, just the audio. The audio runs 53 minutes. If you hear silence he may be answering questions or waiting for a response.

  • Session 10 audio


  1. NO CLASS next Sunday. Enjoy Easter with your family!
  2. Two more weeks of class left! I encourage you to come to our next class in person, as the importance will be in the time in class, not the lecture. Thanks!

Session 9: Little Foxes, Fighting Fair and Forgiveness

March 25, 2012

Conflict: it's inevitable, as long as we are here on this side of eternity. However, today, I hope that this session will give you some tools and ideas to help you to make the most of these disagreements and difficult seasons that come in every marriage. We will talk about three different types of conflict, though I am sure there can be more. But my prayer is that you will begin to see that there are different approaches to dealing with conflict. Looking back, the Lord has shown me how much I need to pray over any issue that plagues our marriage. I have sensed that this is not a satisfactory option for some of you, as it seems to be very passive. I have also thought this. But it is probably more a reflection on what we believe about prayer than anything else. And yet, it is through our faithful, fervent, thoughtful and consistent prayers that healing comes. And if you cannot bring yourself to pray, at least bring yourself before God. Let Him in to your pains, hurts and anger. He is more than able to handle it all and help you navigate through these stormy waters.

Before you begin, I encourage you to write down on your handout some of the things that you and your husband are either currently wrestling with or have had conflict over in the past. Having these in mind, consider which type of conflict you may be dealing with, and prayerfully consider some of the options you have in working through them to the glory of God.

  • Session 9 audio
  • Session 9 notes (pdf). I am noticing that while I follow the outline in general, these notes contain far more than I am actually able to say in class. I may need to turn this into a book...haha! If you want the short version, listen to the audio. =)
  • Session 9 handout (pdf)

Session 8: Say What? Communication Basics

March 11, 2012

As women, we are generally known for our relational bent and propensity to talk. While this may not be true of everyone, we all need to communicate. The question is, are we just talking or are we really communicating? Join in as we begin a two-week discussion on communication. We'll cover the second half on dealing with conflict on March 25, in two weeks. (No class next week!)

  • Session 8 audio. Here's the file to download or you can listen to it on the player below. There is a pause for you to consider an issue that the Lord may want to address in your life. Take some time to think of an issue, and keep it in mind through the rest of the session.
  • Session 8 notes (pdf). Here's the notes I wrote up. I switched the order on some things and had to cut out some sections entirely. We didn't get to the abiding prayer activity...I'm planning to do that at another time instead of rushing through it. You can read the uncut version if you want the whole thing. =)
  • Session 8 handout (pdf). Before the message, I had small groups of moms go through some of these passages in groups. Each group has one communication principle. The goal was to find the common threads and summarize it. If you have the chance to go through these, they are full of solid biblical advice. If you really want to challenge yourself, try to do it before you listen and see if you came up with similar conclusions.  My apologies if there are typos in there. If a verse seems misplaced, it may be because of that.

Session 7: Growing in Intimacy. Spiritual, Emotional, Physical

March 4, 2012

This week's lesson is about growing in intimacy, the one flesh relationship God has designed for us as husband and wife. We'll talk about spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy and how gender differences may impact our levels of intimacy. There may be more than we think! Here's the audio to listen to...just press "play"

A couple more things:

  1. Daylight savings next week! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!
  2. I will not have class March 18. I will be accompanying my husband as he preaches at another church. We will resume the following week, March 25.

Session 6: Mixing Marriage and Motherhood

February 26, 2012

Hey there moms! Here we are, midway through our course for the semester! Like I had mentioned in class, I hope that you are not feeling the weight of guilt or burden of falling short. All that I share each week is what I believe God wants to pour out onto you, His precious daughter, so that you can experience and begin to enjoy the fruits of the blessings He intended for us in marriage. And kids are definitely one of those fruits! Tune in this week to see how we can make our marriages a priority in the busy child-rearing years.

Just to warn you, this weeks audio is actually a retake. When I looked at the recorder at the end of class, I had found that only 5 minutes were recorded! I had to pretend that I was standing in front of the class and talk into the player, so that's why I sound a little different. =)

If you want to read my notes, of which this talk is a summary, you can find it below. I have way too much to say every week. Maybe I'll have to turn this into a book of its own. If that's the case, you get a preview!  How cool is that?

Session 5: A Cord of Three Strands. Living in Interdependence

February 19, 2012

Every week, the Lord stretches me in my own marriage as I prepare for this class, and this one is no exception! Before you listen to this session, I encourage you to look at this file (Session 5 Scripture) in preparation. By looking to God's Word first, we can better discern what is cultural versus what is truly His purpose and will. When you're ready, you can listen to the audio.

Session 4: The Power of Purpose

February 12, 2012

Hey there! Welcome to session 4! In this session, we talk about two of three purposes for marriage:

  1. Companionship (Discussed last time, Session 3)
  2. Raising and discipling children for the next generation
  3. Furthering the Great Commission

During the talk, I make reference to an activity that we did in the opening of class. We broke up in pairs and each pair was given a bag with marshmallows, toothpicks and instructions to build. Here are some of the creations (sorry, I couldn't get Stonehenge in there!):

Golden Gate Bridge

The Great Pyramid

The Empire State Buildings

Finally, a big thank you to Winnie Chang for sharing her the last minute!

Session 3: A Wedding and a War. Commitment

January 29, 2012

Welcome to session 3!  How many of you can remember your vows? Don't worry, you're not alone! Join us for today's session below. NOTE: Sound quality is poor again. I am researching lapel mikes.

  • Session 3 audio.  You'll hear the music for the song start, but I cut it off. Check out the YouTube video below instead if you want to see it. Don't want to get in trouble for violating copyright laws!
  • Session 3 notes (pdf). I followed them a little more loosely this week, but this is generally the main points.
  • Session 3 handout (pdf). Try to do the exercises on this handout before listening to the audio.

At the end of class, I share the song "Love is Not a Fight" by Warren Barfield, which was featured on the movie Fireproof. If you want to watch it, you can check it out below

Session 1: Why Marriages Matter

January 15, 2012

Welcome to Marriage 101: For Better or For Best! Why does is it so important that we work on our marriages during the busy season of motherhood? Check out the audios below and find out! NOTE: I apologize that in this session, the volume is very low. I am looking into a lapel mike. If this is too hard for you to hear, you can read my notes instead.