The Worst Advice Ever

The Worst Advice Ever

What’s the worst advice you have ever heard? I can tell you mine. It’s what has caused me heartache, broken relationships, and no end of trouble.

What is it you, you ask?

It’s this: Follow your heart.

This is exactly what the world tells us. From commercials to movies and even in children’s television programs, we are told to follow our hearts, for that is where true happiness and joy is found. 

It becomes the air that we breathe, the soundtrack that is constantly playing on the airwaves of our minds.

Instead of letting my emotions be an indicator light to check the state of my soul, I have taken it to be gospel truth. Demands for justice, my rights, and my way pollute my conversation. I don’t need to tell you how well that turns out. You might already know.

Following your heart to find happiness is not going to work. Just ask King Solomon. He wrote a whole book in the Bible about it—check out Ecclesiastes.

This isn’t an observation restricted to ancient times. How many people today have followed their hearts into love, wealth, power, popularity, or success only to find emptiness instead? Scan the news and you’ll see how well that works.

Worse are the stories of the people who did find all they desired, but left a wake of destruction and pain behind them.

The Bible not only tells us following our hearts won’t work, it tells us why as well. Jeremiah 17:9 tells us, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” A synonym for deceitful? Try “deceiving” or “misleading.”

So why is following your heart the worst advice? Because here’s the truth:

We are not God.

We don’t see everything.

We are limited.  

We don’t know right from wrong, good from evil.

Simply put, our hearts not only do not know the best path to take, it will often misguide us into one that is hurtful and harmful, to ourselves and/or others.

Sure, we can probably think of exceptions too. There have been times when my heart has led me to do good things—like adopt an orphan with special needs. But if I am truly honest, I can also see that my heart had other motives too: people-pleasing because of my fear of man being one recent revelation.

See what I mean? The heart is deceitful, even when my actions look right. Trusting our hearts alone will not guide us properly. We need another way.  

This leaves us then with another question: Who then am I to follow?  Click on over here to find out.

The Best Advice Ever

The Best Advice Ever

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